Spending Our Money Wisely

My parents were in town this weekend and so Gabe and I got to go the store ALL BY OURSELVES. We actually had a chance to browse. This resulted in us buying a big spatula and this diaper bag.

It’s okay, we stopped ourselves from buying the sign that said “Happy Hour” for the family room, but it was a close call. Instead we went and bought a bunch of good beer. It is all about compromise.

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  1. Dear God. What exactly do you intend to flip with that spatula … the baby?

    Good beer is always a wise decision. Was your dad footing the bill?

  2. 1) Big Pancakes.

    2) No, but my Dad bought us diapers and wipes, so the beer was a wash.

  3. Aaron would welcome a diaper bag like that…but I really do enjoy making him carry the hot pink one.

    Was that spatula at “Spatula City?”

  4. Wow! How awesome! Is that the Crate and Barrel pancake spatula by chance? :)


  5. And I thought I was the only one who bought kitchen stuff this weekend. I bought new silicon tongs. Woo Hoo. Living large.

  6. Britt – we got it at Bed, bath and Beyond.

    Mister Hand – Big Pancakes.

  7. Let me guess, next week you’re flying to Washington to buy this frying pan.

    I think with gigantic pancakes, you may need a larger diaper bag.

    Still, good call with the beer.

  8. We’re going to need a bigger stove, Trevor.

  9. Bed, Bath and Beyond is what we call the $300 store. I always spend so much money in there.

  10. Love the diaper bag. And the beer…gotta have the beer!

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