A serious question.

For all of you other stay at home Moms and Dads, or for those of you that have a husband or wife at home with more than one kids – even more so if you have twins under the age of three:

When do you go to the dentist? Or the eye doctor? Or the, ahem, other doctor? I know I can get a haircut on the weekend, but I’m pretty sure that the gynecologist doesn’t have Saturday office hours. Does the other parent stay home from work? Do you have a babysitter that gets out of school early? Do you have another random parent that will watch a large quantity of children for you? Do you have an adult babysitter? Do you wait until you have out of town company? Do you take the kids with you? I’m guessing that it would be impossible at the dentist or the OB/GYN.


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  1. I do the eye doctor on the weekend because mine has Saturday hours. The others? I have to schedule it so the other parent can stay home with the kids. Which is a royal pain in the ass. And why I was, oh, a year late with my crotch-doc exam. And why I haven’t scheduled my dental appointment, which was due this month (which, umm, is almost officially over), or my boob X-ray, which I’m sure needs a new Rx by now …

    Yeah, yeah. I need a babysitter. But that’s a whole other long, terrifying story …

    It was so much easier when I could do this stuff over my lunch hour.

  2. Or take sick time. Remember sick time?

  3. Yeah. Damn. I’d love to have sick time again.

  4. Good luck, I have a hard time with one kid! I just did a dental appt and Eric was supposed to watch him during lunch, but that didn’t work out so luckily I have an awesome neighbor (I use her sparingly and save her for the big favors because I REALLY like her and Gabriel loves her). Last time I went to gyne. another friend in the neighbhorhood with a child watched him and I watched hers the next week when she went (the Dr was just 4 minutes away). It is really a big shuffle and half the time I end up rescheduling many times or not going. I also get seperation anxiety leaving him and he is always fine but tries to throw a fit in the beginning. I wish I lived near my mom.


  5. When Andrea and I were home with the kids (the other was working) we would take time off from work while the other person did these things. Andrea would try and schedule her *ahem* “other doctor” appointment late in the day so I wouldn’t have to miss so much work.

    It worked fairly well.

  6. I have taken them with me (one even came to the “other” dr. & drew pictures while I was on the other side of the curtain). I have asked friends, playgroup friends, Ritch has taken off of work, & he has met me at the appointment (& waited with the kids so that he would have to take less time off), & I have asked the grandparents… Just today I took them to Karen’s while I was at an appointment.

  7. My husband watches our babies when I have appointments. I try to schedule them first thing in the morning, so he just goes into work late, or at midday so he can come home at lunch to stay with them.

    Someone should capitalize on to this dilemma and open childcare centers in or around doctors’ offices or hospitals. They’d make a killing!

  8. You know, Brenda, I was just wondering about that. Especially ob-gyn offices. Why don’t they have playrooms? Hmm. They could partner up with pediatricians and make everyone’s appointment the same day.

  9. You mean we’re not supposed to put all that off until the kids are in kindergarten?

    Actually, if I need to make an appointment, the wife takes a few hours off work.

  10. Bridgette says:

    I have to take time off of work for Scott to take appts. It’s annoying for us all, but that’s what has to happen.
    Plus we just have the one car, so it’s not like he can go anywhere if I don’t come home ANYWAY

  11. I have nothing to add…I just wanted to read the comments so maybe I could get a few ideas. When Chris gets his new schedule ironed out, he should have one day a week off (because he has to work on Saturdays), so I guess I will do everything then. I know that won’t work for most people, though.

  12. I’ve only got one kid – until June – but the hubster and I schedule our dental appointments back-to-back so one of us can be in the waiting room with the kid (and after mine, I can just take her home & hubby can go off to work after the dentist is done with him). I got that idea from a friend with two kids.

    For my last ob/gyn appt., my mom came to visit and walked around outside the office with my daughter, although my gyn office has toys for the kids in the waiting room. Haven’t tried the eye doctor yet, but we’re hoping to go together again, and get back-to-back appointments on the weekend if possible.

  13. De-lurking to add a few options. I’m mom of 22 month, boy/girl twins. Here’s a few ideas that we’ve used:

    1. Schedule EVERY appointment for one day and then have the husband take off. Not a fun day – but it wouldn’t be fun anyways. Might as well get it all over in one day. (I do haircuts on this day, too).

    2. Our OB has combined with a pediatirican – and my OB’s wife is the NP at the office. They became really attached to our little ones while they were in the NICU. So if I have to, I can beg for help when I go there.

    3. We have a place called “Kid’s Park” where you can drop the kids by for a few hours. Rates are on an hourly basis – and while not cheap – they do suffice. Ironically, there are a few in town and they are typically located next to Medical-type areas.

    Good Luck!

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