To ad or not to ad, that is the question.

Are any of you guys making money off of your google ads or adsense or any of those? Is it worth it? Can we set up some sort of conspiracy where we all click on each others ads once a day? Do you guys already do that? Should I just keep my site clean(ish)? Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. If they will give you a worthwhile amount of money go for it.

    We all know what getting dooced means, I think now doocing should mean supporting your family with your blog. How many people can pull that off?

  2. I’m pretty sure I don’t get her kind of traffic. I was on her site yesterday and she had over 900 comments on one post.

    That is how many people I get in a week.

  3. Her comments are up to 1,451. Dude. No wonder she closed them before.

  4. Her mailbox must be huge!

    Can you imagine trying to read that much about what everyone’s Mom did? It must be like grading term papers in a huge survey class. Ugh.

  5. Quick. Go post a comment on her blog. I bet that will up your traffic. Get those ads posted now.

  6. I’ve never received a dime from my Google ads.

    Who is Dooce?

  7. Melissa says:

    Memphis Steve – Dooce is a ledgend, you should really check out her site, it is She rocks. Sarah, in my mind, if you can make money on it, give it a shot. No harm. WHo knows, maybe one day you could make enough for college funds for those beautiful kids you have.

  8. I had google adsense on my blog for about a year and it made me about 70 bucks during that time. I have about 300 visits a day. Google Adsense shut me down and said they would not pay the 70 bucks because I di not follow their rules…something about improper clicks. I do not know why they thought this or how they checked. I never click on ads on my site or any others.

    I think that if you don’t mind the look go for it. Otherwise it may not be worth the time and energy to open an account with them.

  9. I have often wondered too…but from what William just said doesn’t sound like its for me…lol

    But maybe you’ll have more luck…

  10. Sarah, I haven’t made a single penny, and I’m posting on three sites!

    Personally, I do this for fun, and I put the ads in a bad place on the page because I didn’t want them to get in the way of the content. Plus I’ve limited the ads to only things I would buy, which by definition limits them. So I’m hardly maximizing the potential.

    Until we get to the point where we’re funnelling traffic like Dooce, Drudge, or Huffington, we’re not going to make much on it. But you could probably make a few extra bucks if you want to…it depends on how you want the ads to fit into your site.

  11. I can’t even figure out how to get my ads on my blog…

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