Randomness Part 28

If you like bad words and Star Wars you will love this link that I found on The Triumverant of Bland. (It would help if you had all day too. It’s long.)

Frank pointed out that the hippo from Madagascar is in a heavy Metal Band.

Nobody is paying me to say this, but ever since I bought a pack of those Huggies Overnites I get a lot less pee on me in the morning.

Speaking of pee… which one of you keeps searching for “pissing squad”?

Oh, and I’m sorry if my sidebar and links are all screwy. I’m trying to clean up the page in order to get ready for it’s facelift.


Busy Mom says that Blingo is giving away more prizes this month and I have no reason to doubt her. So please click on the big red button where it looks like the Beav’s mom is telling off a flasher and sign up. You can then search for “pissing squad” or “Manute Bol’s Wife” or “USF nude sorority” or whatever pervert thing you use to get here and win us both iPods. Then Gabe (I mean Der Kommissar) and I can justify buying one of these.

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  1. äëÄËöÖ

    Yup. Copy & paste.

  2. Becky may also be an Umlauteer.

  3. Huggies Overnites rule!!!!

  4. OK. As long as I don’t have to wear a funny hat.

  5. Speaking of peeing, I almost did watching that Star Wars spoof. Don’t do that to me anymore. I’m sitting in my cubicle having lunch and trying to supress the laughter by squeezing my nose. People at work probably think I’m coughing up a hairball.

  6. YOu had to remind me of the hippo…

  7. I love that movie Madagascar. SAnd I am big fan of Huggies Overnites as well. I don’t have any kids but I just enjoy wearing diapers.

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