I say it is some sort of flashback.

Gabe wants to know if anybody else remembers a short-lived sitcom where Snow White and Prince Charming lived in the Los Angeles suburbs. He says that The Wicked Queen was the mother-in-law character and they all lived with three midgets.

(note: if nobody else remembers it he wants to pitch it to the network. He says it is “gold, pure gold”.)

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  1. Ummm. No. But I do remember that crack is whack. Tell Gabe to back away from the pipe.

    Your husband sounds hysterical.

  2. Actually, that sounds slightly familiar. Really.

  3. So he isn’t crazy?

    Wow. It lookes even worse than he described it.

  4. SERIOUSLY…It REALLY existed?!?!? HOLY COW!!! There’s no way…

    I was convinced the cold up there had finally frozen Gabes brain. I must apologize for my lack of faith.

  5. Wowa. I really DO remember that. Flashback. I guess Gabe really isn’t nuts!

  6. I must have watched at least one episode, because I remember Snow White opening a CD case to “listen” to it, and then being disappointed that it didn’t work.

    or something.

  7. I remember the show, or at least one scene from it. Eric had been taken by a shyster used car salesman or something, and felt at a loss. Snow asked what he would do if back in the olden days, Peddler Tupper had cheated him…what would he do? Eric replied: “I would go tell the town crier, and he would tell all the people, and no one would buy Tuppers Wares.”

    OK, at the time, I laughed my head off. Now, it does sound a bit cheesy. Guess you had to be there.

  8. Gabe is correct! There was a TV show in the late 80’s called “The Charmings”.


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