Claudia’s Baby is a bad influence on the Elmos.

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  1. I’ve got something to say. I killed a baby today and it doesn’t matter much to me, as long as it’s dead.

  2. yes, it looks like the Elmo’s are now looking to score some Skittles and get a really bad sugar buzz.

  3. Oh man I hate it that I put an apostrophe in the wrong place. Grammar is my friend and I screwed up. It’s Elmos. No apostrophe. And now I’m putting this weird grammar comment on your blog and you’re probably thinking I’m weird and a grammar stalker and you just popped in to my blog once and I’m probably scaring you off.

    I could delete it, but why? You’d find out how weird I am eventually if you keep reading the blog. :)

  4. ummm…creepiness

  5. Dude, you just don’t understand the rock n roll.

  6. IS that a mosh sofa?

  7. We call that chair “The Pit”.

  8. I just noticed something about this picture that had escaped me before. The “Misfits” lettering is above the skull on the front, unlike most t-shirts I have seen, which only have the skull on the front and the logo on the back. So I checked out their online store and realized that, unless Claudia’s Baby is wearing an out-of-print item or an item not listed on that site, this is actually a body made for infants. Don’t be surprised if one day one of your kids asks: “Mommy, can I go out tonight and kill?”

  9. It is actually a infant onesie, & I believe Sarah got three of them at her baby shower (is that right?).

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