I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to bring up his “Chess Room”.

Apparently LaVar Arrington gave up about $4 million to buy out his contract with the Redskins.

I’m thinking he should have taken the money and gone to a nice hair salon somewhere, or maybe he could have bought something nice to go in his chess room.

At least it helps Washington with their salary cap problems.

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  1. Oh don’t even get me started – my Redskin-obsessed better half hasn’t stopped talking about the fallout from this salary cap fiasco all week.

    And my goodness, a mother of toddler twins? And you still find time to watch the Oscars AND read my wordy blog AND leave a comment? You are my new hero.

  2. Don’t be too impressed. I only caught about an hour.

    And I’d only seen one of the movies.

    And it was “The Constant Gardener”.

    Oh, the shame.

  3. Damn, now I’m embarassed to show you my new “do” on Thursday. I went to LaVar’s hair dude. I thought it was okay, but now I’m thinking probably not.

  4. No, really Devra, it would look good on you.

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