Small World

Blogging seems to make the world smaller. Being a blogger and a twin parent makes it even smaller.

1) I was just clicking on some of Becky’s new twin links and I ran across this post about boy/girl twins. I realized that even though these pictures don’t link to anything, I can tell you eight of the names of these children and I have not met a single one of them. (I also know the names of some of the kids in their next post of pictures)

2) I was on a local listserv and I was asking for advice on how to get my twins to drink milk out of cups. They will drink water out of cups all day long, but they still want milk in a bottle. Anyway, one mom sent me a response that she was having the same problem with her twins. She wanted me to let her know if I got any good advice from the other mothers. We e-mailed back and forth a couple of times until she realized we already sort of knew each other. It was MOWA who is married to Not-For-Profit Dad. (and by the way – I miss BOTH of your blogs).

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  1. I saw the same post on boy-girl twins because she left a comment on my blog. I was shocked to see so many babies I “knew”, including mine! Sometimes when I’m telling my real-life friend stories, I’ll say “my twin-parent friend in L.A.” or wherever. She used to ask me who I knew in whatever city. Now she just knows.

  2. I have a draft of a post written up about how I can tell Baylee and Brayden apart in their baby pictures and I’ve never even met them.

    It isn’t just your twins either, I can tell J.T. and Brianna apart too, even if no one is wearing pink.

    Okay, I admit, I don’t know which one is the Peanut Butter and which one is the Jelly.

  3. I think I know them all too. Maybe we should have our own blogger get together. You know. BlogHer. Only with twins. And not just Her.

  4. BlogAllOfThem?

  5. It is funny you mention “knowing” kids that you don’t know. Susan and I both felt like we knew Ian and Claudia when we first met them. I also felt a lot closer to you than I would of a year ago. How many words have we shared in the last 20 years? But because of your blog I can still feel close to you and your family.

    Does this sound creepy? I am not an internet stalker!

  6. It doesn’t sound creepy to me. But I’ve known you for most of my life. I don’t know how it would sound to me if you were a stranger.

  7. Part of the cool part of having a blog is that I can keep in better touch with people like Beau and Susan.

    What are the odds that you would have even tried to contact me when you came into town if it weren’t for the internet?

  8. I think blogging is so cool. Some days it’s my lifeline. And on a completly different topic, Sarah – try a Dora or whatever is the favorite show this week sippy cup with a straw. I think they are made by platex. My daughter would only use the Dora cups to drink milk after awhile. Word to the wise though, by several.

  9. Michelle says:

    Sarah, email me with theideas you have about the milk from sippy cup. Gabriel will only drink milk from a bottle too.


  10. I am confidant I would have not contacted you when we were in town. I may not of even known you had moved yet.

  11. Hi Sarah… It’s great checking out all the other twin blogs! I love checking in to see what you’ve all been up to and how all the twins are progressing and we’re from all over the world!! How cool is that?!

  12. Does it count if our pediatrician saw our second son, who was born 4.5 years after the first and inquired ” Are you sure we didn’t freeze anything for you guys four and a half years ago? This kid looks exactly like the first one”! So since I have two who look alike, is that close enough?

    I had a hotel clerk tell me I look exactly like Punky Brewster. Maybe she’s my long lost twin.

    C’mon people! Work with me on this!

  13. HEY !! I seen your profile picture on Mandy’s blog and it caught my eye, its to cute, I also have boy and girl twins who will be turning 6, June 1st, its nice to talk to others who have had twins its amazing how many parents are really out there! Great Blog!

  14. Devra….have you been wearing big floppy hats again?
    You and Punky might have been separated at birth if so.

    Otherwise….I’m concerned.

    On a different subject, I saw a lady with 4 kids all about a year apart and she said to me “oh my, I always wanted twins…”

    Apparently chaos at her house has reached maximum velocity so it can’t get worse, might as well add twins.

  15. Gidge,
    No, I won’t wear the floppy hats. Remember my luge down the staircase? I really should not risk obstructing my view since I already have, uh, issues.

  16. I’m sort of new to the twins blogging community but it’s been great for me to “get to know” some other twins and their parents. We moved to a new city when our twins were 4 months old so, 6 months later, I know more about the twin blogging families than anyone here (you know how hard it is to meet people when you have twin babies, I’m sure). So I’m very happy to know about this small world.

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