New Favorite Games

Ian’s new favorite game is when I pretend I am going to drop him. That cracks him up.

Claudia’s new favorite game is pulling the books off of the book shelf one at a time. She throws each one on the floor and says “silly, silly, silly”. She also invented a variation on this game today where she would throw crayons on the floor and say “crazy, crazy”.

My new favorite game is sleeping without Claudia’s head smashed up against my head. I haven’t played that game in a couple of days.

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  1. Thanks for coming by. How many blogs do you have anyway?? How do you keep up??

    Did ya know I have twin girls? They are 10 now. Yep, you’ll make it…

  2. Melissa says:

    That’s funny, Nata loves the same game Ian does. Maya’s favorite is when her daddy pretends he is going to throw her away. My favorite game is where both my kids sleep until 11am on a Sunday. The same Sunday.

  3. The Count’s favorite new game is coughing directly in my face all weekend long so when Sunday night rolls around I’m sick and have to go to work all sick and that really sucks and my favorite new game is writing run on sentences.

  4. Whhha Whaa Whaaa …said my wuss husband.

  5. Hey Kaiser –

    That’s a good game it sounds like fun I will try it too.

  6. Claudia’s not tossing Sagan around. That’s not a game, that’ playin with fire!

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