She will be a good Mommy.

When I found them they were like this. Claudia found her baby’s pink outfit. She put the baby on a changing pad and she was trying to put the outfit on the baby’s head.

They really do pay attention.

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  1. Miles and Charlie have these little plastic “envelopes” that go into a play mailbox.
    We keep our holiday cards displayed on the piano.
    Why is this relevant?
    The other day, Miles was taking the play envelopes and lining them up with the valentine cards on the Piano.
    Yes…..they DO pay attention. Crazy stuff.

  2. I put The Screamer on the potty recently. The Monkey was in the bathroom with us. She opened the potty lid. Then she went and got a book and turned the pages while I read it to The Screamer. Then she closed the potty lid when we were done.

    She apparently has paid attention to The Kid’s potty rituals. We sit and read books during potty time.

    We joke that we’re turning him into Al Bundy.

  3. Melissa says:

    SHit, Nata just holds hers by the hair and then tries to put her in the trash. You think I should worry? That picture of Claudia is so cute.

  4. clever little goon eh? i can’t help but think about the time zoe tried to make her own microwave mac n cheese. she keyed in 30:00 and got thru a good 5:00 before my smoke detector gently suggested that maybe i should get off the freakin computer and join my kids in the kitchen to try parenting for a change. that was fun.

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