We’re Through the Looking Glass

I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to meet someone I met online through blogging.

Lumpyhead’s Mom and I are going to meet in real life. We haven’t worked out any details yet. We’re not sure if we are bringing spouses and kids or if we are just going to meet for drinks somewhere. Does this qualify us for the Dork Hall of Fame?

I was reading Busy Mom the other day and she was talking about how she met Lucinda. They used the code phrase “The sky is blue” so that they would know it was the other person when they finally met. I told Lumpyhead’s Mom about this and she said:

“like there will be six other women in the bar who want to meet me so they’ll disguise themselves as you to get the chance. ”

Which totally cracked me up. How would you go about disguising yourself as me? Would you just wear big shoes and sleep on wet hair the night before? Someone would walk into the bar wearing a Simeon Rice jersey and do their best to look frazzled?

Have you guys met any of your interweb friends in real life? How did it go? What did you do? Was it cool? Was it creepy?

I hope she doesn’t try to kill me.

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  1. Yeah. I met Devra. Totally creepy.

  2. Yes! Devra IS creepy. I met her in real life first though. She’s coming here tomorrow. I hope SHE doesn’t try to kil me.

  3. Dammit, why do you both have to mess up my homicidal plans? Can’t a mother get a break? C”mon give a mother a break.


  4. I told you guys she was creepy.

    THAT’S IT! I’m not showing you how to work Technorati if you insist on trying to murder me.

  5. What if I just murder Becky? will you still show me how Technorati works? Or I can come with you when you meet Lumpyheads mom and we can whack her together.

  6. Well, sure, if you only kill Becky.

    We can’t hurt Lumpyhead’s Mom. Lumpyhead can only eat breastmilk until his, um, butthole problems are fixed. He needs her.

  7. You guys kill me. LOL

    I feel like such a voyeur reading these comments.

    Everyone step back and take a deep breath. No one is killing anyone else today.

  8. Ah! Kill Lance!

    That sounds like a good movie title. Wonder if we can get Uma Thurman …

  9. But I’m a father of twins. Let’s kill John Travolta instead.

  10. I have no problem with that.

  11. It’s not the killing that worries me so much as other creepy things. Like what if, after I meet Sarah, I change my blog template to look just like hers? and start calling Bump “Gabe”? and make up a fake daughter named Claudia?

    or start giving Lumpyhead celery to play with?

  12. Like in the movie “Single White Female”?

    I hope you have a lot of jeans from The GAP, and sweatshirts that say things about UCF.

  13. Also, how did you know Claudia was fake?

  14. Never met any of them… wouldn’t mind meeting a few of my personal blogging friends; but as far as my political blogging friends… not so much…

  15. …and you all, officially, scare me. Especially Devra. The hat makes Becky more likable.

  16. First, I’m nearly pissing my pants laughing at this thread. Holy crap, but y’all are funny.

    Ok, so I met an online chatter in real life last summer. We met in a gameroom, started chatting on MSN, and then she was taking a trip across the US and wanted to stop for drinks. I thought it was perfectly normal. Somehow, people are far more raw in their writing and there was no BS to contend with. My husband kept saying, “What? That’s weird!” so I forced him to chat with her online. We had exchanged pictures, talked about our children, etc…

    We met and I adored her just as much as I thought. She was totally normal (though I have recently blogged about her and said the opposite). It’s me that’s nuts.

    Which reminds me, Sarah… see ya in San Jose.

    I just might be creepy, too.

  17. I met a friend I had made online; she actually came to stay in my house when we were both going to a conference together. It WAS a little weird at first. We met through my academia website, so it wasn’t exactly bloggerness, but still– perfect strangers other than online. But it turned out fine– no one killed anyone (that I know of… although there was that mysterious mound in my backyard just after she left.)

    I’ve also been hired by someone who found me online, to give a speech, and I never even really thought about how weird that was till just now. I flew all the way up to Niagara Falls to give a speech for someone I didn’t know in any other way. Granted, I stayed in a hotel, but who knows– it could have been weird.

    I think you get to know someone fairly well in a blog. So I think it’s as safe as meeting anyone. :)

  18. You guys are killing me. So freaking funny. I’ve never met anyone from blog world. But I’m new at this. I did promise Hubby, I would never ever give out our address. You know, so no one would kill me. But I gave my work address to Matthew already. But his twins are cute so he can’t be a killer. Right? :>

  19. Melissa, have you learned nothing from Blogland? Twin parents are the worst kind of killers. Well. Except for Devra.

  20. If I learned anything from online dating, it’s that people are far more witty and glib online than they are in person. Excepting me, of course. I’m DELIGHTFUL.

  21. Evidently I am really really creepy in person. Am I creepy online too?

  22. I have met several people from online car clubs. No one killed anyone.

  23. Devra, I think you are taller online than you are in person.

    I’m not okay with Killing Becky. Unless you do it AFTER our dinner plans next week. I really want to go out.

  24. To answer your question, I will admit that I met my fiancee online. I was living in the Sooner state when I met her online, and she here, in California. Never been here before, and moved out here to be with her. Then, I proposed, and she accepted.

    How’s that for weird?

    Now, the geeky part…we met in an online RPG sim about Star Trek. I at least admit I am a geek…she refuses to admit to her geekiness.

  25. Lumpyhead's Aunt Bob says:

    Sarah — Be afraid, be very afraid. Once she knows where you live, she’ll totally lurk outside your windows at night searching for beer.

  26. Never met anyone. Proably never will as I’m way too neurotic and paranoid.

  27. I met a guy who read my site for years, and he was totally cool. I came across his site by typing “Starbucks sucks” into a search engine once many years ago. Ha ha. No, really. Anyway like I said, we read each other’s sites for years and I wasn’t nervous at all. He brought his girlfriend, they played with my kids (just babies at the time), and we all had tea. He couldn’t stay long but it was fun and reaffirmed my belief in the power of internet goodness :)

  28. I’m not sure how I feel about this now LOL I used to be on AOL years ago and we used to have parties where we would all meet up. I have never met odder people than I did at those gatherings. Ironically, I threw a party and met my husband at it (he came cross state with a friend of mine). I would love to meet people whose blogs I read or who read mine (that would mean some people have to actually read it though) I just fear that make gooberness will totally run rampant and people will run and hide and say I never shut up.

    And it’s true…I never do shut up.
    What the hell am I doing up at 3am?

  29. that should say “my gooberness” not make and see? I should fear it. I can’t type nor can I grasp the concept of PREVIEW. Ugh.

  30. What is this real life thou speakest of? I got an e-mail from someone I know through blogging the other day, and that was a first. And it was creepy as hell. I jumped up from my nail-studded chair, threw my arms up in the air, ran around the house screaming, grabbed a bag of M&Ms and hid under the table for a couple of hours, still dressed in my aluminum foil computer suit. To release the tension I dusted my collection of 1995 sewing needles.

  31. Christoph,

    It was me, wasn’t it? Sorry about that. I had no idea you had such a problem with M&Ms.

  32. It’s okay. I got over it.

  33. I forgot to write about the part where I was wearing dark glasses and a fake moustache.

  34. Yes, please don’t kill me yet. Gidge and I are going to try a new Italian restaurant. And we’re gonna call Sarah and maker her listen to us drink her beer. Beck’s Light. 1 point!

  35. Oh yeah, the fake moustache really threw me. I didn’t want to blog about that because I thought it might frighten people…

  36. Hahahaha…”I hope she doesn’t try to kill me.”

    I have to say that’s one of the things that entered my mind when I first met a few bloggers in real life. I think we’ve all been watching too many horror stories. Hilarious!

  37. Gidge,
    You are right, I am taller online. I have chosen not to kill Becky. I discussed it at length with Sarah this afternoon. Of course if I change my mind, Sarah is now an accessory, either before or after the fact, depending on how it would play out, but I digress…

    Basically it would be a bad idea. Not just because you would miss the experience of dining at the new Italian place ,but because no where in my book do I recommend murder. I feel it would really put my credibility into question if I chose to act differently than what I have written in my book. So, it really comes down to professional integrity as to why homicide just isn’t a good move for me.

    So, I’m working on my next book. The working title is “Guilty Mommy: Learn to Murder Less, Focus On Coming Up With Most of Your Bail and Raise Funds for your Legal Defense”

  38. I have not ever met anyone from “blogland”. I probably would meet a few of the parents I “talk” regularly with, but would feel apprehensive about it until the actual meeting.

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