My New Trick

Gabe and I got new cell phones when we got our new local numbers. With my new phone and my iBook I can take pictures of The Goon Squad with my phone then I can Blue Tooth them (can you use blue tooth as a verb?) to the computer without ever getting up off my ass. Like this:

Here Claudia was telling me she had “two barrettes”. This is also why her hair looks like that.

And here Ian is showing me that he doesn’t know where middle C is. Yet. But he is close.

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  1. wow they really look older in these pictures. so adorable!

  2. WHat kind of phone did you get? I want a new one and yours takes great pictures. The one i have now take horrible pics.

  3. If “blue tooth” isn’t already a verb, it will be. And you have that from the official English Professor. :) (And PhD Candidate.) :)

    It’s called “verbing” a word.

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