Technical Difficulties

My high speed interweb is broken. To be perfectly honest with you guys, I’m not even sure I can get online again dial-up after I lose this connection. I am not at all clear on how I finally got it to work.

So, if you do not hear from me again until Tuesday (when the Cox people can finally make some time for me) do not be alarmed. Neither Devra nor Lumpyhead’s Mom killed me.


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  1. After Tuesday? I’m calling the cops.

  2. Good to know. I hope you don’t die from lack of internet, it is a horrible disease. See you on Tuesday, or well Wednesday, the way cable/internet guys work.

  3. I was just at Sarah’s house yesterday and did not kill her. Sarah knows this. I’m not sure if Lumpyheads Mom has an alibi. I hope I wasn’t the last person to see Sarah, that won’t look good for me. Besides, we already know I can’t kill anyone until my second book is completed or Aviva will kill me herself.

  4. Is there a phone-tree just in case? I want to make sure someone lets me know you are ok.

  5. Oooh can I be on the phone tree or am I elimintated due to my impending suspect status?

  6. Damn technology!

  7. I wouldn’t be concerned until you start getting ransom notes. They’ll be cross-stitched and sprinkled with swear words.

  8. I’ll never be a suspect. I don’t know how to cross stitch.

  9. Hey wait……..where do you get sprinkles that are swear words?
    I would love those on ice cream!

  10. Sprinkles with swear words? Is that anything like adding “in bed” to your fortune cookies?

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