Because I have the maturity of a 12 year old boy…

I took this picture with my cell phone at the grocery store and sent it to Gabe.

Gabe sent me back a text message immediately. It said “GET TEN”.

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  1. Wow… talk about joke overload.

  2. I think we’ve bought that a couple of times.

  3. It was Steak and a BJ Day yesterday.

  4. I was informed of that.

  5. Can’t…stop…laughing. My side hurts. You all have way too much fun.

    word verification for this post was “nzlfuk”, no kidding.

  6. Ha! I have that in my pantry!!

  7. Only 10?

  8. For those of you that have actually purchased said sauce, is it any good?

    (My word verifacation here is wafoyl. I think blogger is trying to tell me something)

  9. actully, I don’t think we liked it

  10. Erin,

    How could you and The Kaiser both know about this sauce and you never once told us?

  11. What exactly are you supposed to put that sauce on? Hmmm.

  12. OMG there as so many directions to go with this one…

    I am laughing so hard my co-workers are giving me strange looks.

  13. Scott… knowing you as well as I do… your co-workers looking at you like you’re crazy is nothing new…

    And Sarah, I laughed my ass off when I saw that picture… when I’m in DC/VA this July I will have to pick me up some of that…

  14. I keep a jar in my purse.
    Just in case… never know when I might run into some lucky fellow….who needs some sauce.

  15. Ooooh it sounds like Gidge is hitting the sauce! Saucey girl…

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