While I was away…

I was offline for a couple of days. While I was away I got some fascinating hits on my blog. People searched the following and ended up here:

– gatorade hurts teeth
– “laurie berkner” breasts
– justin frankel my wookie
– is jeff from wiggles gay?
– sportacus from lazytown is hot
– my friends mom caught nude
– “the baby pooped”
– sarah is a stupid head

There was also one about “Bob the Builder snowed under”.

Also, as promised. Here is a picture of me with Lumpyhead’s Mom.

It’s not a great picture, but the bartender took it, and he did manage to include both the statue AND the drink cart, so that has to be worth something. I did consider wearing a fake moustache, but it was a pretty nice place, and I didn’t want to cause a scene. Maybe next time.

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  1. Something about that picture looks churchy. Maybe it’s that huge beam. Or the red eye.

  2. Love the drinks. That proves you’re both bloggers.

    And Laurie Berkner’s breasts? EWWWWWWWW.

  3. I get “laurie berkner nude photos” all the time. I wonder if there really are some out there???

  4. It was a Sunday. Maybe the new euphemism for “I’m gonna go drink with Sarah” can be “I’m going to church.”

  5. Consider yourself lucky. If you search “mom porn” on msn, I am the fourth hit. I know this because about 60 people a day search “mom porn” on msn and end up at my blog. Sigh.

    Although I did get one person looking for Bangladeshi Advil, whatever that is.

  6. Oh, and helloooo…why do kind strangers taking pictures for you always feel the framing has to capture everything in a six block radius?

  7. I love the things that people search for. I think I will start checking the ones I get. Might be entertaining. I despise asking strangers to take pictures. They always make it seem like you were across the world from them.

  8. Looks like you had fun. Of course, lumpyhead’s mom reported to me that you “went to [name of fancy restaurant] and had whine.”

  9. Hmm…I’m wondering how to set up to see who is searching for what. That might be useful to get more people to arrive at my blogs. Plus, it will probably be funny as hell.

  10. Of course my husband might figure out something’s up if I say “I am going to church” considering I am Jewish. But the next time Lumpyhead’s mom and Sarah go to a worship service, I want to go too!

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