Randomness Part 29

I am now the #1 option if you search for “second hand clothes in Memphis” on the MSN search engine. Odd, since I don’t live in or talk about Memphis, and I can’t recall ever discussing second hand clothes. (Until just now). I also got a hit searching for “hot cheetohs”. Is that a euphemism?

Soon Jeff Garcia is going to have played for every team in the NFL.

If you don’t read DadCentric – you should at least watch this video of Tattoo singing that Jason posted.
I haven’t looked it up or anything, but I don’t think “The Doodlebops” (see left) are from around here.

If you pee on the seat of the toilet at church shouldn’t you go straight to hell?

I’ve seen things in disguise like carrots, handbags, cheese.

Someone who lives in Harrod, Ohio was searching for “twins having sex” before ten o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday (I’m guessing from work). What is the deal with people being into that anyway? What is so hot about incest?

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  1. Maybe the twins aren’t having sex with each other?

  2. Did you know that Rooney Doodlebop was in a few episodes of ‘Queer as Folk’?

    True story…

    And they’re all Canadian…

  3. The Doodlebops frighten me.

  4. um, carrots handbags cheese? The hell?

    I’ve sent the link to everyone I know, of course.

  5. I want to know why someone was searching for Hot Cheetos. The Doodlebops frighten me too. You get some crazy google searches.

  6. ugh. the doodlebops make me want to say “yyhcd” (which is the supersecret code i had to type below to leave my comment). i hate how fast the cuts are. this is the kind of show that gives kids adhd. the camera moves constantly so you can’t even get a good look at any of the ‘bops to see how anachronistically glam-rock they are. don’t get me started.

  7. actually, this next supersecret code word is even better for expressing my disgust: ejktrk.

  8. Doodlebops, Wiggles … all the same to me. I don’t have any of those fancy stations, so I only see what gets aired on PBS. Maybe that’s not so bad …

  9. You people (except Becky – who needs cable) have an awful lot of information on The Doodlebops.

  10. I have a comment on my blog somewhere about some guy wanting to do it to the girl doodlebop.

    Yeah, I attract the cool people.

  11. The Doodlebops overly puffy fingers freak me out.
    A lot.
    My secret work is qwers.


  12. See…another prime example why I am VERY VERY glad that I have NO earthly clue what the heck you people are talking about.

  13. I’m still stuck on the “second hand clothes in Memphis” weirdage. Do you think you have clothing you once wore and it is being sold unbeknownst to you? Maybe Memphis is the second hand clothing corridor of the country and there is some kind of clothing cabal taking over.

    Call Ollie Stone.

  14. I am the number four hit for “mom porn” on msn. I win!

  15. a year ago I could have told you everything possible about the Doodlebops. My son was in love with them and at one point, I had to tape the show everytime it was on. He literally watched those tapes until they broke. (if you go to my site, do the search for Doodlebops). I have pics of all three without makeup on. Oh. My. God. I could talk about them for hours. I must stop. Now.

  16. OK – hot cheetos really exist. They are nasty & kind of purple colored.

    Did you notice that the Doodlebops now have the correct number of fingers. I don’t think they always did, Justin commented about it one day.

  17. Uhhhh, what do they look like now? Is the picture above what everybody is bitching about?

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