What is frustration?

Frustration is:

1) Having sick twins. Friday night none of us slept. Claudia kept us up all night on Saturday night and Ian was up until 4:00am last night. I think this cold might have gone into their ears. Have I mentioned we hadn’t picked a pediatrician here yet? We are going to see a doctor this afternoon and hopefully they will prescribe some miracle drugs and we will all fell better by dinner time.

2) Going to a concert where you know all the words – but you can’t sing because your voice is broken.

Devra (who didn’t kill me this time either) and I went to see an 80’s cover band for her friend’s birthday. 80’s dress was optional.

If you are wondering, yes, that is an authentic 1987 “Slippery When Wet” Bon Jovi concert shirt. It was the first concert I ever went to. And, yes, Devra’s jacket is in fact Esprit. We were old school.

If you live in the D.C. area and you get a chance I highly recommend going to see “The Legwarmers“. They put on a great show. The whole audience (except me) sang along and they played everything from “Video Killed the Radio Star” to “Pour Some Sugar on me”. They are a local band and I plan on going again when I am healthy. Next time we are taking our husbands. I think Gabe will think my sweet Bon Jovi jersey is a lot less dorky when he sees the guys dressed as the Alpha Betas from “Revenge of the Nerds”.

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  1. I’m hoping for a miracle drug too. Good luck with that.

    If I still had it, I would have worn my Loverboy T-shirt to bed Saturday night.

  2. So how old is that shirt????

    I don’t think I fit into anything from back in the day.

  3. When I came down the stairs sporting this get up, my husband said “Wow, you haven’t worn that outfit in a long time!”

    I dont’ really fit into any of the clothes, they were all *oversized* Back In The Day.
    but we did have an awesome time! Atleast when we danced to OUR music we looked “authentic” not dorky, right? well, enough beer and it doesn’t matter anyway.

    Hope The Squad is feeling better soon!

  4. I’m jealous! I would have had a lot to wear!

  5. Michelle says:

    get better soon! hopefully you are at least not as hungry while sick to make weight watchers easier!

  6. The FIRST thing I noticed was your Bon Jovi t-shirt. I’m still in love with him. Yes. I said it.

  7. What about the hair? You definitely need to work on the 80s hair for next time.

  8. I actually wore my hair in a bob during the 80’s. I never had the big 80’s hair. Okay, now you probably know way more than you even wanted to know about my hair. It was a risk. But maybe you were talking about Sarah? This is, after all, her blog. So you probably want to know about her hair. Oops.

  9. I’m so glad I was just a kid in the 80s. Cause my musical “firsts” include much cooler people than Bon Jovi. Like MC Hammer and Roxette.

  10. i saw you on my stat counter so i figured i should come clean and say hi. i have no idea how i found your site, maybe from hitting the next blog button during class but i think you are hilarious. :)

  11. Yeah, when we saw the AB’s, I fessed up to being an Adam’s grad. I really am, ya know. (Bear Down Arizona!)

  12. The Legwarmers, huh? Might have to try and check them out!

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