Earache My Eye

If anyone was wondering why I haven’t posted anything about The Goon Squad lately, it is because they are sick and belligerent. It is one of those cases where “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

Ian’s cold turned into an ear infection, and Claudia is just sick and pissed off about it.

In addition, but not in anyway related, I just got my fourth hit from someone searching “nude house cleaning” that isn’t even including the more specific hit I got for “nude house cleaning in Orlando”. And do you guys think the hits for “Laurie Berkners boobs” and “nude Laurie Berkner” are jokes? Do you think it is all one SAHD or is it one of you guys trying to creep me out?

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  1. Oh crap Sarah, you caught me. Sorry. I’ll stop searching for crazy shit on the internet. Hope the kids get better soon. Ear infections suck.

  2. I KNEW IT!

  3. In infections DO suck.
    It’s always so nice when they ALL have them.

  4. Baylee is also sick right now. ROUGH night last night–I seriously just contemplated not flushing the toilet because I was afraid it my wake my FINALLY sleeping Baylee.

    As for weird hits, apparently there is an internet porn star that goes by Sweet Baylee. I get hits for her everyday.

  5. That is hilarious!

    Don’t feel strange Amy. If I just have to pee, I won’t flush the toilet during a regualr naptime. Too dangerous.

  6. I always get people looking for Sarah Vowell. (Not as dramatic as a porn star, though.) Maybe I should post her picture so they actually find her on my blog.

  7. i was geeting a lot of hits for Sara Vowell too, and I had no idea who she was.

    Then one day she was on “The Daily Show” and two days later I saw her on some They Might Be Giants documentary.

    Yes, I said They Might Be Giants documentary. I’m not proud.

  8. I’ve seen her on Letterman. I think I’ve also heard her on the radio. Funny thing is, I never would have remembered her name if it hadn’t shown up as a search on my blog.

  9. I keep getting “tammy’s tape”, which I beliee its a porn tape, but can’t be 100% sure. It seems to be quite popular in other countries. I’m sure they must be quite disappointed when they get to my blog.

  10. I had hits from ‘sweaty boob rash‘, ‘my naked friend‘ and ‘I farted in restroom‘ and it really made me wonder WTH I blog about….

  11. I had a hit yesterday for “Dee Dee Navar.” If that’s not a porn star name, I don’t know what is.

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