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  1. Uh oh! That look is very telling of what her teenage years will be like….

  2. I LOVE this picture!

  3. Oh, I have seen that look somewhere before. Let me think… let me think… Oh ya! My kids.

  4. “Are you talking. To. Me.”

  5. There is a reason it says “Warning” right next to her head!

  6. I’m starting to wonder, is there ever a moment in being a parent that doesn’t make one think of Glenn Danzig’s musical poetry?

  7. When the Squad (especailly the girl) thows a temper tantrum it sounds like “Black Aria”.

  8. Becky I can’t believe you beat me to the ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?
    I had it all ready to go.
    Never, ever teach her how to fire a gun.
    She’d be Mallory once she found her Mickey…….

  9. Sometimes I have parenting moments that do not make me think of Glenn Danzig’s musical poetry and instead I end up doing an interpretive dance.

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