OCD Babies

I just spent 15 minutes looking for Ian’s baby’s hat.

The Goon Squad each has a baby doll (yes, our boy has a doll. I have no problem with that). They are kind of like these, but last years model. Anyway, they got them for their birthday last year, and the babies are twins too, and they always sleep with them. Actually, they each sleep with a baby and a bear/blanket, but I digress.

Each baby doll came with a hat. Until about a week or two ago, the hats were mostly in the toybox with all their other crap. Recently they have become a necessity, and no one can go to sleep until “Baby hat, baby hat, baby hat, baby hat, BABY HAT, BABY HAAAAAAAT” has been taken care of. I have no idea why it is so important for these babies to wear hats to bed.

If anyone sees a very small blue hat with an elastic chin strap around here please let me know. Now I am off to search some more.

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  1. Are we really sure my little guy and your goon squad have never met. Little guy sleeps with “bear” who is a green blanket bear. No hat wearing doll, though. Also, little guy has “baby’s first ear infection” and “baby’s first round of antibiotics.”

  2. When you find the hat? Superglue it to the doll’s head.

  3. I don’t know how to break this to you…but it gets worse. We have this whole routine here for naptime/bedtime and when he wakes up-I can’t even explain the meltdown that occurs if ANY step is missed. These quirks also exist in any sort of eating scenario and where you can sit to watch tv. Oh, and how trains line up, and in which order. Cars too. Trucks too. Umm…what I’m trying to say…is it’s everything. And Ozzy forbid you forget it, or you will feel the wrath of the 3-year-old.

  4. QOS is right… it gets so much worse than this.

    If The PB & The J don’t have a certain book in their bed, they have a fit and can’t go to sleep until it is found.

    Be afraid… be very afraid.

  5. You people are scaring me.

    I still haven’t found the hat and they are awake again. I talked to Gabe and he said he knew that Ian had the hat in bed this morning because “he showed it to me”.

    I told you guys the kid was a freak.

  6. It gets worse, then it gets better. The eventually get to where you can say, we can’t find it & you need to look in the morning. Done!

  7. Just wait until it’s barbie shoes. And my dog eats them. They are like little treats to her. Maya is always spazing out looking for them. Oh, and sorry, I think my dog might have eaten that hat too. :)

  8. I have an entire box full of hats, as well as the sleepers to go with them. I don’t know if any have a chin strap, but as our babies are all “nakie”, you’re welcome to them!

  9. I finally found the hat seven hours later.

    In my bed.

  10. I have a purple velvet JJ Walker style bucket hat that I could staple a chin strap on if that would help

  11. Mark,

    I found the hat. But you should bring yours over anyway.

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