Randomness Part 30

For those of you who know me in real life Here is an update of cool stuff that is happening to my to my real life friends. If you don’t know me – and you don’t care about my friends read no further. Just skip to the post below about vomit. Not much of a sales pitch, is it?

Corbi got engaged. Her fiance’s name is Dan and I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet. They are getting married next Spring. There will be a road trip down to South Florida for the wedding. It will be the The Goon Squad’s first wedding. I hope they don’t act like maniacs.

Jill just made another baby. She and Todd had a beautiful (I mean rugged) little boy and they named him Andrew.

Speaking of babies, Alison and Jeromy are expecting their second baby boy any day now. She posted beautiful pregnant pictures on her blog. Go check them out. Alison also just got a promotion at work. Hooray Tiffer!

Lumpyhead’s butthole embiggening surgery is today. If you believe in a God or Gods pray to whoever you feel would be appropriate. If not, have a drink for Lumpyhead and his family. If you don’t have any ‘ligion and you are either in recovery or you are pregnant, just think happy butthole thoughts (if that is possible).

Lori is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering from USF in May. Woo Hoo!

Devra’s book is up for an award!

The Kaiser and Karen at Troll Baby Graphics (okay, so I don’t know Karen in real life) are working on giving Sarah and the Goon Squad a great new look. The Kaiser designed a fantastic header that we’re just tweaking a little bit and Karen is doing up the rest of the page. I can’t wait!

If anyone knows what happened to Angie or Jess could you please let me know?

Happy birthday dear Waffles

Oh – and I got two hilarious searches yesterday in the form of questions. One was:
Did you ever know that I’m your hero?”
and the other one was
“Should Super Bowl Monday be a national holiday?”
to which the obvious answer is – yes.

If I forgot you, I apologize. Just have your Mom send me an e-mail.

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  1. Congrats all around. And Alison’s belly pictures are awesome. Poor Lumpyhead. I’ll be thinking about him.

  2. GO ME! GO ME!!
    Congrats to all baby people!!! I give you one collective “AAAWWWWW”
    Go Corbi!
    Happy thoughts to Lumpyhead and family!
    And on May 6th (grad. date), everyone should drink in excess for me and with me, if possible!!!

  3. Has my mom been sending you e-mails again?

    That’s quite a list. Three cheers to everyone – especially to Jill since she’s the only one on the list I’ve honestly met (even though I feel like I know most of the others as well).

  4. Seriously…my Mom would send Gabe emails before Sarah. She hearts Gabe.

  5. Does that mean she doesn’t heart Sarah?

  6. Actually Alison, you’ve met me too.

  7. Oh she hearts Sarah…but she REALLY hearts Gabe

  8. My mother would be confused about the “heart” thing and if I suggested she email Sarah (or Gabe)because I heart them, or anyone hearts them, my mother would probably email Sarah (and/or Gabe) the name of a cardiologist.

    I swear she would. I heart my mother, but she doesn’t know what that means and if I told her, she would probably think I was suggesting she see a cardiologist and would make an appointment and go.

  9. Thanks for all the good thoughts, guys. All that praying/drinking payed off – the little guy came through with flying colors.

    You’re awesome. Thanks so much.

  10. Lori – at Sarah’s wedding? I was thinking we might have met there. Or maybe some other time when I was there visiting in HS?

  11. Alison – yes, at her wedding. I was a Bridemaids. I don’t think we’ve meet any other time. If we met during our HS years, I don’t remember it.

  12. Apparently you have at least one Bette Midler fan reading your blog.

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