It’s Alarming How Charming I Feel

Check me out. So what do you guys think?

The Kaiser designed my logo and I think he’s dreamy. If you met him, you’d think so too. VonMotorheads rule! (Okay, he may have told me to say that, bit it is still true).

And Karen at Troll Baby Graphics designed everything else. She is the best. I highly recommend her. She has been putting up with my crap for about a month. Karen is patient and she will keep redoing things until they are the way you like. Tell her “The Goon Squad sent me”. Hopefully it won’t frighten her.

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  1. Very charming!

  2. Why must people insist on taking away the Navbar? Is it really so bad? So ugly? It can be altered to suit ones page design you know – [admittedly not too far from it’s default setting]. It’s kind of nice to be able to click forward through the blogs, to come to something new and have a read about what’s going on in someone’s world, somewhere in the world. It is also an act of solidarity with ones fellow bloggers – a kind of equality among cohorts. It seems a little egocentric to trap people on a blog – to force them to go backwards. It’s also actually against the Blogger terms of service. It may even contribute to the degradation of the biosphere and fuel the proliferation of the usage of the word “beverage” in the place of “drink”. Do you really want that kind of world? Do you? Hmm, didn’t think so.

    Well then, put it back otherwise I shall be forced to “flag” your blog – but wait, I can’t – because you took away the Navbar.

    Oh Bugger.

  3. I have no idea what JB is talking about.

    But you look smokin. And my husband singing Princess songs is classic. I want the entire interweb to watch him sing.

  4. Ok – maybe you have some allergy toward the navbar and therefore are really anti-navbar. So here is a little bit of code that you can insert in your template to make the navbar only visible on mouseover. Even then it will be transparent and groovy.

    #b-navbar { opacity: 0; filter: alpha(opacity=50); }
    #b-navbar:hover { opacity: .65; filter: alpha(opacity=75); }

    Just pop it between the style tags.

  5. I think it looks great.

  6. Awesome new look! Nothing raises the spirits like redecorating.

  7. JB is making me feel like I just sat down to take the Math portion of the SAT. I desperately want to understand, but I just can’t!

    How many points do I get for just putting my ass in the chair and trying?

  8. Frank Sucks says:

    The navbar on mouse over would be a cool effect…

  9. Huh? You lost me.

  10. You’re too sexy for your blog …

    About that blogger bar at the top that allows you to skip ahead to the ‘next blog’ or to report inappropriate content, etc? I rarely use it anyway & usually forget that it’s there.

    I doubt that it gets left out intentionally during a redesign. It’s probably just easier to design a masthead without it. Or maybe not. Maybe designers prefer the cleaner look without it. I would have never noticed it was gone if JB hadn’t pointed it out.

  11. Wow. Impressive!

    Where are the baby rhinos?

  12. Nice! I dig the design!!

  13. I love the new look!

  14. You are to die for, my dear, to die for!

    Took me reading jb’s comment about 20 times to realize the ‘Navbar’ meant the blogger bar at the top…lol

    But you do look simply lovely 😉

  15. It made me laugh… it made me cry… it has become a part of me.

    Seriously though, the new look is freakin’ sweet.

  16. Blogger’s Terms of Service:
    I skimmed it and searched it. I don’t see anything regarding the nav-bar.

    Oh and Sarah? You look so freaking hot. And so does your blog. And so does The Kaiser. And the Queen.

    Okay, that’s enough of that….lol!

  17. I love it.

    Although it’s going to be much harder to blogstalk you now.

    That’s blog-stalk, as in “to get all creepy crazy girl with your blog”

    not blogs-talk, which I guess is what JB was doing.

  18. Is it harder to blog-stalk because you are scared, or becuase I am alarmingly charming?

    Or is this about the navbar?

  19. Navbar? Can I get drinks there?

  20. Wow, I love the 50’s horror movie theme. Nice look Sarah. And Becky the Navbar is the best place to get drinks at the front of the ship.

  21. Well, then. Sarah, get the navbar back. I need a drink.

  22. OK, I read the TOS that Karen posted, and this part(under the blogspot TOS) made me LOL

    Now, this next part seems really damn obvious, but everyone else has it in their TOS’s so someone’s probably gotten sued for not having it. So: “…

  23. great look! where do i pick one up?

  24. WOW! Aren’t you swanky!!!
    (Is Ian flicking everyone off in the top banner?)

    And yes, I’ll back you up, the Kaiser is dreamy, I’ve met him.

    What the heck is a “navbar” — as Becky said, can we get drinks there? Is it expensive? Do I have to dress up?

  25. My husbane used to be a nav. I’m not sure you would want an entire bar full of them. Unless of course you needed directions. But be aware, the airforce is not training new navs. Okay, on second thought, maybe the navs need their own bar so they can get together once in a while. When you get the nav bar up, please let me know so I can tell my husband where he can go meet up with his nav buddies.

  26. It looks great. The toddlers that ate DC! The only way to protect yourself was with a navbar.

  27. The new design is awesome. I like the navbar for my own blog because it has a search feature, but you have that in your sidebar anyway, so there’s really no need.

    The only thing that irritated me a little was the you don’t get the litle hand when clicking on a link, but that expand arrow instead. I might just get over it though. Certainly with the help of a few drinks.

  28. Wonderful looking redesign. My eyes glossed over all this “navbar” talk. Now I need to go to a real bar to make my head feel right again.

    Great job — but design aside, your wit is why I keep reading a complete stranger’s blog! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  29. Looks great!

  30. So Sarah, I guess we can assume you are saying to yourself now: “I feel pretty”

  31. Ms. Mama says:

    Love it!

  32. …and witty, and gay.

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