Something New Every Day

At this age they learn so fast. My kids say things that I didn’t know they could say every single day.

For example, this morning Claudia said “Where going, Ian?”. Despite the grammatical issues, that is a complete sentence and she actually meant what she said. I was very proud.

On the other hand, Ian said “threw up”. Unfortunately, he also meant what he said.

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  1. Awww! Very cute that they’re communicating with each other like that. Sorry about the puke though!

  2. It must be going around all over. My daughter upchucked her breakfast all over herself this morning on the way to my doctor’s appointment. Ugh.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog’s look!

  3. It starts…

  4. oh no! Is Ian sick, or did he boot and rally?

    Are you noticing a boy/girl difference with language skills? What about motor skills?

  5. He just coughed so hard he puked. He has been doing this for the past couple of days, he just gets so worked up that he vomits.

    Then rallies. No prob, Bob.

    And yes, Claudia has more advanced verbal skills, and she pretty much has always been ahead of him on those. Ian is usally a little bit ahead with motor skills (he rolled and crawled and walked first) but right now they are about even with what they can do.

  6. That’s how The PB & The J were at that age. Seems to be pretty common with twins.

  7. I was wondering about verbal vs. motor, too. Brayden is pulling up all over the place; Baylee, not so much. But she out-talks him. I figured it was some kind of men/women/Venus/Mars thing already rearing its head.

  8. Ugh. It’s going around, that’s for sure. Ian musta passed through our 4573 emails to Dylan because he was praying to the porcelan throne all last night. Awful. Hope all our kids feel better soo and stop frowing up already!

  9. Oh…the cough, cough, puke thing…we do that whenever the crug hits my peanuts….

    Hope everyone feels better soon…

    Heck with all twins it seams you have a talker and a walker…Spence is still behind Sawyer(at age 4 1/2 now), but his motor skills have always kicked Sawyer’s in the rear….at 1 year I had one that could talk well enough to tattle that his brother was unlocking all the babyproofed cabinets…lol

  10. (I type faster than my brain works, sorry)

    Umm…crug=crud…and I meant Spencer is behind Sawyer in speech.

  11. I was wondering about “crug hitting my peanuts” and for a moment thought “Is that code for getting hit in a private body area?”

  12. Oh man. Good thing he told you though :)

  13. At least he rallied.

    Mine were coughing until they puke for awile there too. It’s a thick mucus, this one.

  14. I am empukic, it is a word I have made up and it means “empathetic puker”. If one person pukes, then I puke. Fortunately I have explained this to the kids and they have figured out it is best to puke when daddy is around to help. I actually am proud of them as they are relatively self sufficiant barfists and make it to the ceramic bus or pail on their own if needed. Wish I had that talent. Just someone please hold my hair!

  15. It’s amazing what they pick up. When I was an au pair in Paris, the girls were 5 and 8. I spoke some English and tried to speak a lot of French. Their father…a bastard Frenchman used to swear at me in English all the time and call me a “fucking cunt.” Anyway…one day, we’re at dinner & the oldest girl yelled “FUCKING!!!” I looked at the mother & said…”It was your husband who taught her that.”

  16. I’m pretty sure Ian said “Fuck it.” in the bathtub he other night.

    My guess is that he learned it from his mother. Oops.

  17. Granted with an 8 month old like I have, self expression is more limited, but I’ve noticed the newness too. It’s simply astonishing.

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