25 minute nap, you say?

Does this look like a well rested boy to you?

Me neither.

(Thanks to the power of my cell phone, iBook and Bluetooth he has already fallen back to sleep in my lap. I love technology.)

(This picture makes it look like splotchy runs in our family.)

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  1. I know I could use a nap…Must have been those late night Mason games.

    A little late here, but James Earl Sousa and I love the new look.

  2. I need a nap…I just can’t take it anymore.

    I need a nap……..

    Sorry, too much Weird Al and Kate Winslet over here.

  3. Um. You lost me. Weird Al and Kate Winslet?

  4. That is an awesome shot. Isn’t it so precious when they go to sleep in your arms? It makes me feel so trusted.

    Where was his squadmate?

  5. His Squadmate was asleep in her bed like a normal person.

    For once.

  6. I would KILL to get Baylee to take even a 25 minute nap. Come to think of it, *I* would kill to get a 25 minute nap.

  7. I’m trying to figure out what part of your body’s his head is resting on. It looks like you’re shoulder, except 1) I’ve never know you to wear an off-the-shoulder shirt and 2) how could you possibly have held the camera/phone at that angle to photograph your shoulder?

  8. It is my chest. I have a new fancy phone where I can see myself in the viewfinder if I flip it closed.

    I know. It’s confusing me – and I took the picture.

  9. I liked my heart will go on much better!!

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