Not How We Normally Put Pacifiers In Our Mouths

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  1. That does not look comfortable.

    My word is ‘mbyall” I typed myball instead.

  2. Maybe it’s time for her to graduate to cigars.

  3. Tammy has a strange obsession with balls lately.

  4. I can’t believe you have enough time to be so witty with all your blogs AND have twins. Wow! I salute you!

  5. I . Love . This . Picture !

  6. Yesterday, a student cried because she didn’t get to play with the big red balls. How can you not laugh about that?

    Besides I always type those stupid word verifications wrong.

  7. Is this the kind of picture that you’ll threaten to show her boyfriends when she gets older?

  8. My daughter is definitely heading in that direction. After waiting and waiting for her to figure out how to put the pacifier in her mouth by herself, she figured it out at some point, and immediatly started chewing on the sides and back. Yum.

    I am enjoying poking around your blog. Definitely put an RSS link – that is how lazy folks like me know there is something new to see. I can’t be expected to actually CHECK blogs to see new content.

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