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The Cake

You may have seen this on Becky or Bridgette’s blog already… It isn’t deja vu. We just had a birthday party for the six of them yesterday. It was chaos, but fun. Here come the “terrible twos”.

Holy Gift Bags Batman!

This is why people with twins shouldn’t try to be friends with other people that have twins. We’re going to a birthday party this afternoon. Four of the attendees actually turn two today. Mine turn two in two weeks. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you tomorrow, but with this many two year olds, […]

“The Joy Luck Club”

It isn’t Sagan or anything, but I hear Amy Tan books are pretty good. Claudia and I are both up for any reading suggestions you may have.

It Takes a Lot Longer to Read This Way

Lately, when I read “Brown Bear” every time I say “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” or “Red Bird, Red Bird what do you see?” Claudia will say “What do you see, Mommy?” It is very cute, but it sure does take a long time to get to the end.

An Open Letter to Everyone I Know

Dear Everybody, For the love of God, can everyone please stop giving Ian juice? My kids drink water and milk. If your kids drink juice I am 100% okay with that. My son, however, has issues with fruit. He will eat grapes until his stomach explodes. I have good information that leads me to believe […]

Baby Einstein Van Goat Devil

You guessed it. Somebody searched “Baby Einstein van goat devil” and ended up here. I don’t think this guy looks like Satan, do you? He’s not very scary. Vincent is a good guy that loves to paint. THIS is scary. (and only slightly unrelated) Oh Google Image Search, how I love thee.

Why Brett Why?

I’m sorry to be so football-centric today, but I just read that Brett Favre has decided to play another year. It makes me sad. Brett Favre is going to end up like Joey. Sad. Just sad. Does he really think he is going to win another Super Bowl? Does he hate Aaron Rodgers? Does he […]

Not a Good Day to be a Dolphins Fan

Ricky Williams has been suspended for a full year. So, let’s see – he will have missed two full season and a hand full of games, and the he will turn 30. I think Ricky will have to turn to stronger drugs than just regular old pot to kill the pain when he realizes that […]

Randomness Part 33

According to the Deathclock I am going to die on Wednesday, February 28, 2052. Thanks Britt? PMZ and WT are done for now. I will miss them (and Mister Hand and Meatbag and Jamwall). Kemp and I are working on something new that will be about sports. We’ve got some other cool people on board […]

Twins in the Shower

It’s like two birds with one stone. 1) You get to see a vacation picture just as I promised. 2) I expect that my traffic will go through the roof with a title like this. Won’t all the people looking for hot girl on girl action be disappointed? Sorry. It really is twins in the […]

Now She is Just Making Stuff Up

Lumpyhead’s Mom has invented what she is calling a you-you. She took the meme that is going around where you say six weird things about yourself and assigned me to tell you six strange things about my friends. We discussed this and decided it would be interesting if I told you one thing about each […]

Vacation Update: Part 2

We have successfully made it to the second leg of our vacation. The Squad and I are in Tampa at Grandma and Grandpa’s house (for those of you that know where they live, feel free to come by and bring me beer). The good news is that here I don’t have to go to the […]