6 Random Things

1. No one ever told me that as a parent people would throw up in my bed all the time.

2. My brackets all sucked. Gabe is almost certain to place 2nd (and get his $5 back) from his March Madness picks for the office pool from the place he worked in Tampa. After filling out his bracket at the very last minute, he admitted to me that he used my bracket for a guideline and made some minor changes and that HE WASN’T EVEN SURE HIS PICKS WERE VALID because he didn’t check to make sure he picked teams to win that he didn’t have losing in previous rounds. There is no God.

3. “Dora the Explorer” keeps trying to boss me around. “Say map. Say map.” or “Louder!”

4. I am a sports fan. I love football and I like basketball and hockey very much. But professional baseball is sooooooooo boring. There I said it.

5. Having lived in Florida for the past 21 years I never understood why people got so jacked up about Spring. Florida has two seasons: Summer and Other. Other lasts from October until March. Anyway, it’s Spring here now, and I finally understand. We spent half the weekend outside just because we could.

6. When you guys read a book that you really like do you have a compulsion to read everything that the author has ever written? I do.

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  1. Is that Claudia in the picture? Why does that not look like Claudia to me?

  2. it’s her. She just has a strange look on her face.

    Or maybe it is her fly visor that is throwing you off.

  3. What is that about? They always seem to throw up in my bed? You poop on the toilet, can’t you puke there too?

  4. I do the same with authors. Although I also have the compulsion to contact them, which probably doesn’t weird them out until they become famous and have real stalkers. I’m not the “No. 1 fan” kind of fan.

    Much as I loved Middlesex, I have not gotten Virgin Suicides. Yet.

  5. Frank Sucks says:

    1. Happy Opening Day! Let’s Go Mets!
    2. I won a pool with my keen UCLA in the final pick! Next drinks on me, which will be in about 2010 when I see you agian!

  6. #4)….Baseball should be renamed Snooze-ball
    #6)….I do the same thing with authors until I hit a “bad” book by them and then I drop them like a hot potato. At this point though, I would just like to have time to read ANYTHING other than ChemE text books. SIGH……(only 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks…then I’ll be “dancin’ in the streets’!!)…..I MIGHT NEED A NAP!

    Speaking of reading, have you guys read “Haunted” by Palahniuk (whatever, that guy who wrote “Fight Club”)? Do you want to? We’ll send it to you.

  7. Katy – I’d love it if mine would poop in the potty.

    Becky – I’m going to read “Virgin Suicides” soon too.

    Frank – I will remember that drink.

    Lori – Read it. Palahniuk is one of my kicks. I’ve read four or five of his books since the kids were born, and I’ve got more ready to go.

  8. That book wasn’t The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress was it? Heinlein is my favorite.

  9. No, I like Heinlein. I’ve read three of his books (The Door into Summer, Stranger in a Strange Land, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) but I need breaks from him. I understand he was writing in the 50’s, but the sexism gets under my skin.

  10. I had a roomie in college (albeit for a VERY short time) that also liked to puke in the general proximity of my bed so I was prepared for this…

    personally, I LOVE baseball, but it is tough to watch on TV.

  11. 1)They don’t tell you. If they did, people would not have babies.

    3)And she says it in such a high pitched voice, that it’s almost like you have to obey.

    4)I am so with you. Well baseball and golf.

    6)Yes, I do it too. And then I’m upset when I read all they have and I have to find another author to obsess over.

  12. NFL Draft is less than a month away!

    My bracket was doing really well until the second half of the sweet sixteen round. Downhill hard after.

    I don’t read as much as I should, but yes, I do that with authors. Carl Hiassen is my favorite and it check his website every three months waiting for news of his next book.

  13. Ritch,

    If you like Hiaasen, check out Elmore Leonard. They have similiar styles and they almost all in Florida.

  14. 4. The key to a good game of baseball: a beer an inning. Seriously. You’ll love baseball as much as I do.

    6. Is this where we all admit to checking My Other Blog, The Wicked Truth, and Pirate Monkey Zombies every day?

    Wait, was that creepy?

    Yeah, it kinda was. Let’s all focus on the baseball and beer thing while I slink away . . .

  15. Oh, Lumpyheads Mom,

    Now if you just call me “slender” on your blog (like Bridgette did) you would be my new best friend.

    But for now – Bridgette is my best friend.

    Did I mention that Bridgette said I was “slender like a classic model”? She said it in writing. On the interweb.

    I love Bridgette. Even if she is crazy.

    Oh yeah, eventually one of those blogs will have new content too.

    I hope.

  16. But wait –

    I’m still up for trying to drink a beer an inning and see how I like it.

  17. Hi Sarah,

    MOT here with some insights on twins in a music class…

    At first, when they were 18 months old, they wanted me to carry them for all the stand up and sing songs, and they both wanted me to hold them on my lap for the other songs. So, I didn’t get to clap and wave my hands like the other mommies, but I can sing. So I would and loud!

    I also played their music in the car and at home a lot, and now they make requests!

    It took about a year of classes for us to all have a great time in class. We take Music Together, each semester is 10 weeks, we did three in a row, missed one and are on the fourth. They give you a song book and CD’s, and cute hand games for each song. I love the classes and there is always a song in Spanish or French each semester.

    Actually, the hard part is getting them across the parking lot and into the safely, but ain’t that ALWAYS the challenge?

    If you are interested in music classes with the twins – go for it! My guys really respond well to singing and dancing and Baby B (Arthur)will now sing the last word to every verse of “his” songs right on cue. It’s totally adorable.

    Here’s the link: http://www.musictogether.com

    I hope that was what you needed to know!


  18. At least you didn’t lose 2 pools by a total of 2 points….but I’m not bitter or anything.

    And I think your blog disagrees with my sports choices. The first three letters of my word are “gym.” I was going to recommend a DC United game for your summer spectator sport action.

  19. Baseball = naptime in our house. Football, hockey and NASCAR = Let’s scream at the tv cause ya know, we have that new kind that let’s the coaches, players and drivers hear everything you’re telling them.

    my word is zanxzl and I thought “Yes I could use some Xanex”

  20. On the other hand: I’m not a sports fan … but I like baseball.

  21. MAW (ha, that’s funny) –

    We should check out DC United this summer. I haven’t been to a professional soccer game since the Rowdies left Tampa (so, maybe 1987?).

    Clare – Thanks. That is perfect.

  22. Dora’s a little bitch, and I find baseball tedious, too. Even college ball until the World Series–then I get on board. And wait, you have time to read (something other than blogs)? Hmmm… what am I doing wrong.

  23. Amy,

    It takes time. (Or read on your Palm Pilot, and you only need one hand). Mine were over a year old before I started reading real books. Plus, I wasn’t working on my masters Degree.

  24. BACKPACK!!!!!

    Dora made me do it.

    Football!?!?! Pfffft! My kids – all of them – age 3 through 9 – would recognize Bodacious, Little Yellow Jacket, Adriano Moraes, or JW Hart. But a football? They would probably think it was a very odd looking horse dropping. And a Redskin is what you get if you spend all day outside without sunscreen.

    I am such a redneck dad.

    Hee. My word verification is yrgrbl, which I reas as “your gerbil”.

  25. I’ll be honest with you, Odd Mix. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  26. I always read everything by the same author. I’m a little obsessive… and why is it always OUR beds, never their own? oh, that would be because mine won’t sleep in his own bed. thanks for coming by my blog.

  27. I never would have guessed.

  28. We are enemies now! (because of your slanderous baseball comments – I’m shocked!)

  29. I hope Roger doesn’t send Cut-throat Roger over here to try to bully me into watching baseball.

  30. You should know to ALWAYS pick the Gators…cause we’re the best!
    Love you!
    P.S. Did Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry come to Lockhart? They probably had family in the neighborhood. Was I there? Was it pre-talent show that I wasn’t allowed to be part of either???

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