Worst Fake Smiles Ever

Why do we teach them to say cheese?


They also feel that in order to say “cheese” they need to be extraordinarily close to the camera. Most of the pictures are much less focused.

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  1. LOL! And they are just like my kids with the SAME fake smiles….

  2. that is hilarious.

    around my house we use “fuzzy pickles” instead of cheese, because everyone has already learned the “cheesy” smile. fuzzy pickles actually produces real smiles. :)

  3. And why do they all have to squint too?

  4. LOL… i am still trying to break my husband of this habit and he is 30 years old.

    Good Luck!

  5. The don’t squint because they are smiling – they squint because they know there is a flash coming. My kisd learned to squint when a camera was pointed at them long before they learned to walk. Now they just squint when the anti-redeye light comes on.

  6. Too cute.xdypxhh

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