I May Have Mentioned this Before

When I was in 6th grade, Dwight Gooden came to our class to tell us not to do drugs.

Was he just trying to make sure there would be some left for him?

Oh, I left out the best part. He came with a friend.

Darryl Strawberry.

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  1. hahahahahahahh!

  2. That is so ironic that it’s making my head hurt.

  3. Sarah,

    Are you sure they didn’t say “Go do drugs” instead of Don’t do drugs”

  4. I’m pretty sure they said NOT to do drugs, but maybe they only meant pills.

    Or maybe they meant to say “Do Drugs” and they got confused by the whole Karen Ann Quinlan/quaalude story.

  5. Please tell me you have pictures.

  6. I think I left my Kodak Disk home that day.

    I wish I had pictures.

  7. Was that the same day you were learning “Comic Satire” in English?

  8. Seriously. Must have been part of one of his first community service stints.

  9. Michelle says:


  10. Thanks for delurking. I loooove the goon squad!

  11. Was OJ there telling you not to play with knives?

  12. Twice this week I passed where Darryl resided for a while. He’s no longer there, but I still chant Darryl everytime I pass it.

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