Cat Tales

The downside to having a minivan (and I love my minivan) is that in order to get things out of the trunk you have to leave the garage door open, because of the way the door flips up. Last night I got back from the hockey game (where the Caps lost to the Hurricanes in a shootout) at about 11:30. I was unloading a bunch of beer out of the back of the van, because for some unknown, but very appreciated, reason Mark gave me about 25 random cans and bottles of beer to take home with me.

As I was trying to get all this beer out of the car, I heard a strange noise in the front yard. I was hoping it was just a small animal, maybe a squirrel or something. Really, I was just hoping it wasn’t a fox, snake or bad guy. I turned around and was relieved to see it was just a grey cat.

Wait a minute. I have a grey cat. A grey inside cat.

Somehow, Sid was in the front yard, and nobody saw him get out, or even noticed he was missing.

(end of part 1)

Last night, for I think either the second or third time ever in their lives, both Ian and Claudia slept through the night. Ian didn’t wake up until 6:15am. Does this mean I got a full night of sleep?

Hell no. Things don’t work like that.

Klaus (my other grey cat) barfed at 1:30, 1:45, 2:55 and then around 4:30 he threw up about twelve times in a row. So I was up at 1:30 and 4:30 (I just ignored the other two times and went back to sleep) cleaning up cat vomit. As a bonus, I got to go to the vet (which took an hour in our famous traffic this morning) and spend about $350 for x-rays and blood work. I even think the $350 was getting off easy. I’m pretty sure they gave us some sort of discount because Gabe’s sister works there.

Did I mention that The Goon Squad came with me and Klaus to the vet? That was fun. They are always well behaved in public. (insert sarcastic smirk here)

Is 11:40 too early to start drinking?

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  1. “Is 11:40 too early to start drinking?”

    Not when you have twins it isn’t…

  2. No. And I’ll join you. It’s only 9am here.

  3. Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. You got lots of beer. Drink up!

  4. I have at least 25 of them.

  5. I have to recover from last night still but, I’ll join in with you later!

  6. Wait…I’m still stuck on the fact that it was only the second/third time ever for both to sleep through the night at the same time. Seriously?

    Next time I complain about mine not sleeping because they are sick, feel free to tell me to shut up.

    Drink up. Drink heavily. At least maybe then *you* have a chance at sleeping through the night.

  7. Yes. Seriously.

    I have always been jealous of the way your children sleep.

  8. drink up, my friend. sounds like a hard life, i mean, night. no really – those kids better sleep! i mean it! tell them cousin zoe sleeps 12 hours and she will rough them up if they don’t start!

  9. This is good stuff. Can’t wait to hear the rest.

    There’s nothing worse than waking up to the churning sound of a dog about to barf all over your new $700 comforter.

  10. Britt – maybe Zoe is hogging all of the family sleep.

  11. I’m sort of surprised you say you still have 25 beers. Seems you’d be down to about 19 by now.

  12. If it weren’t for the kids and most of you having jobs and living far away, I would have suggested everybody bringing over more beer for a party.

  13. Would this be a bad moment to state that my kids started sleeping through the night when they were 6 months old?

    Save for the occasional panic that followed when one of their heart monitors went off…

  14. Poor kitty. I took my daughter with me to put my cat to sleep a few weeks ago. Now that was fun.

  15. This post has been removed by the author.

  16. So what is WRONG with kitty that causes green barf?
    I think green is a bad color to barf.

  17. Right so now I am just so conflicted.. I am really pissed at barfy cat.. but the photo, cute! Oh so cute those guys.

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