Son of a…

So what you are trying to tell me is that The Bucs play The Ravens on opening day? And I have access to Ravens tickets? But they are playing the game in Tampa? And I moved to Northern Virginia? And The Redskins also play Tampa? In Tampa?

And Klaus is pulling a Linda Blair, and barfing green on my formerly light tan carpet?

There is no God.

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  1. The Bucs play in Chicago on my birthday.

    Kemp you can expect us to arrive on the sixteenth.

  2. No problem… our rate is 175/night.

    Soldier Field in December will be COLD. Hell Soldier Field is cold in October… Which makes me always say theres a lot to be said for a nice dome like the Rams play in.

  3. Or a nice warm state… like Florida.

    The last time I went to a Bucs game in October, I got a bad sunburn.

  4. Michelle says:

    You are just having a bad day.! I am sorry! What is wrong with Klaus? After reading your last post and this one, tomorrow has to get better. Can’t you visit Tampa during one of those games?

  5. We don’t even have a football team.

  6. Robin Misener says:

    Hey Sarah – take a break on one of the games and head to Tampa – I will take you to the game with me!

  7. Sarah, Sorry your luck with both Bucs games that you could see ended up in Tampa. If your interested check out my blog on the Bucs, I have been a fan since 1979.

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