A Break

Grandma is here. Hooray! I get to go to the doctor.

What is wrong with me? Who gets excited because they get to go to the eye doctor alone? I am getting hard contacts and so I can expect a good amount of discomfort, and yet, I’m looking forward to it.

Do you other stay at home parents feel this way about going to the doctor, or the grocery store, or getting oil changes? Yes, I even enjoyed sitting in a gas station getting our county inspection for our cars. I know. It’s not right.

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  1. I am no longer a stay at home mom, but I still find myself wandering aimlessly around stores when I am alone. I am always rushing when I have the kids with me, so when I am alone a 15 minute trip to Walgreens takes an hour. It’s kind of sad.

    Say hello to your mom for me!

  2. i get excited about long solo trips to the store also, and uninterupted showers…with out the knocking at the door and the long drawn out…”mooooooommmmmmm…” but with a new baby on the way i feel these days slipping away fast!

    good luck at the eye doctor!

  3. Yes, but don’t tell my husband. I don’t think he needs to know how much fun running errands alone is for me right now. Who needs a pedicure when I could just run to Target?

  4. Oh God YES! My wife is taking the kids out town to see her folks this weekend. I think I might just sit around and enjoy the silence. Or watch something that doesn’t involve muppets.

  5. Michelle says:

    I started volunteering to mow the lawn, need I remind you I live in FLORIDA! I think that speaks volumes about how I can relate.

  6. The thing is…I’ve never understood how having more than one child is logistically possible. I have a cousin with 8 children, and the oldest can’t be more than 11. She just keeps dropping them out one after the other. I mean…how does she ever get to shower or shit. Or how the hell does she do grocery shopping? Or ANYTHING? AHHHH!!! The thought of it is giving me stomach cramps.

    I have 2 dogs and an excursion to the vet is difficult.

  7. Ok. I keep TRYING to go alone, but my well intentioned husband (the very popular Kaiser) keeps going for me. He thinks he’s helping. Which is great and all IF he takes the kids.

  8. Yes, I told Gabe – “Please let me go get the oil changed”.

    I’m sure I sounded insane.

  9. HI MOM!!
    Why, oh Why have you decided on hard contacts?
    I’m glad that you get some “free time” though! – Even if it is for hard contacts?

  10. Melissa says:

    I’m not a stay at home mom, but I know for a fact that it is totally normal. Sometimes I tell Hubby I need to go to the store alone. And I wander. Especially at Target and Kohls. And no matter how tired I am, it is still a lovely experience. Yea for grandmas!

  11. Time alone is important. I usually take at least some, if not all, of the kids with me wherever I go to give MDW a break.

  12. I would go to jail if it meant alone time.

    I even look forward to pap smears.

  13. I normally don’t like going anywhere alone but I do go to the store every night, sans kids and my husband used to think it was a waste of time and why didn’t you just buy 2 gallons of milk the other day. After staying home a couple days once he understood 100% why Mama goes out every night.

  14. HI GRANDMA!!!!!

  15. That does sound fun! Of course I had to take my boys to my last OB/GYN appt…(yea, that was fun)

    I have begged with tears in my eyes for someone to allow me to do chores…

    “No, seriously….I NEEEEEED to go get the flea shampoo……LET ME DO IT”

  16. Every so often I go to the grocery store by myself, and I swear it feels like I am floating down the aisles. I feel so free. And don’t even get me started on the heaven that is going to a bookstore alone.

  17. Doing the grocery shopping – alone – is sometimes the highlight of my week. You should have seen how happy I was to go to the dentist – it just ain’t natural.

  18. When both of us were home, we would race to the car when an errand needed to be done–winner got to leave. Now, I’m pretty much destined to do everything with two kids in tow.

  19. I get excited to be a grown up. If that means going to the doctor or taking a taxi or eating a steak dinner without formula stains on my blouse, I’m all for it!

  20. My son coined the term “Stay at Home Cowgirl”. That’s what I’m using these days.

    And yes, I’d feel the same freakin’ way! After all, time alone is TIME ALONE. Whoo hoo!

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