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Klaus (my cat for those who haven’t been following along) had to do a series of barium swallows and he ended up having surgery to remove a blockage which turned out not to be there. He had been in and out of the hospital since Friday. He is home now, but he’s not really eating or drinking, and he threw up the anti-nausea medicine I gave him.

I’ve spent most of my morning so far trying to figure out how to find a fair balance between taking care of a very sick cat and taking care of twins that are almost two years old.

So far (besides trying to get Klaus to eat and drink without letting Sid eat all of the special cat food) I have spent most of my time trying to make sure Ian doesn’t accidentally trample and/or fall down on the cat, and keeping the kids out of the kitchen and off of the stairs because Klaus will bus out his staples trying to jump over our normal baby gates.

Anyway – well since that was such a downer, I will leave you with two searches that ended up here this weekend that made me laugh:
– butthole problems
– kaiser sousa

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  1. So … do they know what’s wrong with Klaus?

    Hope things get better soon.

  2. I feel partially responsible for the butthole problems search.

    Kaiser Sousa though, I take no responsibility for. I forget, was he the guy who composed those marches you hear on the Fourth of July, or is he “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled” guy?

  3. Ummmm…whats wrong with Klaus??? Poor Baby! I’m sorry he’s being so expensive.

  4. Oh my God…I would have had a nervous breakdown by now. I had a fulltime job keeping my 8 pound dog from jumping all over my other dog after he had surgery. I dont’ think I could have managed with 2 little people running around.

  5. Oh man twins. Wow. My hat’s off to you!

    They are real cuties too!



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