I can’t even think of a reason why ONE person would try to eat a basket.

What on Earth is wrong with my children?

Maybe I should be getting them more fiber.

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  1. Charlie eats everything. Metal chairs at the doctor’s office. The sofa. Toys. Books. His siblings.
    He would LOVE to eat some basket with those two.
    Becky can you have some basket available for appetizers at the birthday party?

  2. oh man. don’t get me started. my kids won’t eat a freakin strawberry, but they’ll make a meal out of the mulch at the playground.

  3. Think of the money you’ll save on easter candy. Just leave out the baskets.
    My kids latest favorite snacks are tissues and lint. Still waiting on a few more teeth before they tackle wicker.

  4. My son will chew on baskets. But won’t eat real people food. Go figure.

  5. so bizarre! our guinea pigs like baskets too :)

  6. Be honest, Sarah, did you put all of your eggs in there? Maybe they are trying to free the eggs.

  7. HA! HA! THat’s funny…perhaps add some raisins to the basket?

  8. Maybe you should try feeding them raisin bran in the morning.

  9. Don’t they have access to floss? I think the need some floss.

  10. Have you ever tasted a basket? Maybe they are GOOD….


  11. All right, couple of things here: It looks like (in the header logo) that one of the goon squad is giving us, your loyal readers, the bird. Secondly, I want a mini-icon on the blogroll! I should be 3 slices of bacon and the legend entry should be “some guy.” Get on that. Thanks.

  12. Roger – I’ll talk to the blogging Gods and see what can be done.

    They (like the Gods that people are more familiar with) usually require some sort of virgin sacrifice or tithing.

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