Randomness Part 32

If you are a Hunter S. Thompson fan, go check out Gonzowear. We sent a Gonzo onesie over for Alison’s new baby. Sadly you either have to be full grown or very small to wear gonzowear. The Goon Squad will have to wait until they are bigger to show their support for The Good Doctor.

It took me about one day to go from being completely baffled by Bloglines, to being completely addicted to it.

Mark sent me this youtube link to Star Trek Karaoke.

Who keeps searching for “Doodlebops Without Makeup” and why does google think that I have this information?

Now my cat has anal leakage. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

I may have mentioned this before, but “Higglytown Heroes” is bullshit. A tailor sewing pants is not a hero. He is paid to do this. Between liking this show and “Oobi” I am losing respect for The Squad.

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  1. Love Thompson and will have to get myself the hat. Too bad The PB & The J are too big for the onsies.

    Bloglines rules! I just discovered how to create folders so I can have my feeds in order… gotta love it.

  2. I am with you on the Higglytown Heros. I guess they ran out of heroic stacking dolls and had to resort to the taylor and the 411 operator. I also have a hard time with the helicopter flying pizza boy.


    THe Count says it to whomever delivers our pizza every single time I answer the door.

  4. The day I admit I have a bloglines addiction is the same day it stops working.

    A conspiracy perhaps?

  5. the Doodlebops without makeup is my fault I think cause we were talking amongst ourselves about how scary some of these folks look without makeup and how hot some of them look. I apologize. I need to change the title of blog, I keep getting the bible thumpers thinking the good lord is a coming and they best not be slacking.

  6. I feel the smae way about bloglines. I am now addicted, have been for four whole days, and now sthe stupid thing won’t work. I like the plumber though.

  7. Fear and Loathing the Goon Squad. I hope your cat gets better.

  8. HOORAY ANGIE! (She is one of my lost friends I was telling you guys about).

  9. Anal leakage. HEE-HEE.
    The last few months I stayed home with the kids that Higgleytown crap started. I banned it after I they tried to tell me that the garbage man was a hero. Fuck the garbage man. Pick up my trash bitch and move along.

  10. OK, you MUST define “anal leakage.”

  11. hhhmm, I guess I have to check out bloglines. everyone is a hero now and days, that song just drives me nuts…Higgly Town Heroes..is it pride and true?
    ewww, gross,anal leakage..hee-hee, gotta use that one on my gay guy pal next time I leave a message on his cell, he’ll love it!

  12. I have still yet to figure out bloglines….
    I know..I suck….

  13. Nine bucks for a thong. And they call that a sale. I think the good doctor would recommend we go commando instead.

    I love the onesie, though. It was a good deal at any price.

  14. The big guy is convinced Oobi is just a big joke on the toddler-industrial complex. We try very hard not to watch Higglytown. Why haven’t we met the biotechnology great who allows that squirrel to talk. That’s a hero.

    And good luck with the cat. I have the dog’s heart murmur x-rays in the file adjacent to my hand x-rays. We, too, know the joys of the pet internist.

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