For those of you that like embarrassing pictures

Some people thought that I was brave posting a big hair picture earlier.

If you enjoy embarrassing pictures of me today is your day. (See my 8th grade class picture right, Gabe calls this my “Ferris Bueller’s sister picture)

Here is a picture of me meeting Nuclear Assault.

Here is one of me showing people that, yes, you can be too tan.

Here is me with pink hair. Here is me with tangerine hair.

I don’t even have words for this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this. (See how I also get to embarrass my friends in some of these? It is all worth it).

Wow. My kids have been asleep for a long time.

Feel free to make a fool out of yourself and let me know about it.

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  1. I’m in that picture! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I remember that day at Ace’s records at the Oldmar flea market meeting Nuclear Assault. We were to cute!

  2. GREAT pics, Sarah. I gotta tell you the pink hair really brings out the green in your eyes. If you ever feel like another color change, I vote pink.

  3. are you playing Go Fish with the giant cards?

  4. Yes, actually. Go Fish.

  5. one of my favorite posts ever! love it!

  6. oh yeah!

    isn’t that pic of you and the baseball bat from “the wonderland” murders that you committed with john c. holmes?

    that was awesome! nice work with the bat!

  7. You look tiny in that bat photo. Or shrunken somehow. I mean even the bat looks small compared to you, and the men look like giants.

  8. I suppose this is the antiblackmail post. Post all your most embarasing moments, and they can’t threaten you with revealing them any more. Unless these aren’t your MOST embarasing moments…

    BTW – your nose is much too small to be Ferris’ sister.

  9. I think the resemblence to Jeannie Bueller is uncanny.

    Those were some great photos. I think if I had any like that laying around I’d have to share.

  10. The Phun Shack – awesome! I’m glad you finally found your pink hair pictures.

  11. As soon as I can figure out who you remind me of, I’ll do a Separated At Birth post. (And don’t worry. It’s nobody on American Idol.)

  12. oooh, you were batgirl?

  13. I’m looking through pics now…I know I’ve got some of you here…somewhere

  14. Hang on. I just thought of a picture you have of me. And I take it back.

    I take it all back.

    I have nothing but beautiful, model quality photos of you.

  15. I know the exact picture of which you speak.

    It involves a snorkel. Am I right?

  16. You rockin’ little groupie chick, you! Who knew? You’ve been holding out on us.

  17. All about me, me, me says:

    This looks a lot like a coy “I Love Me” post.

    BTW, the part down the middle that you’re still clinging to —

    LOSE IT! The butt-cut ‘do is flattering on about .01 percent of the population.

    And none of them currently live in Virginia.

  18. I think I took the one of you holding the bat. I recall fancy dresses and motel rooms…

  19. All About Me, Me, Me – if you don’t want to read about me, don’t read my blog.

    It is cowardly that you haven’t left a name, link or e- mail address so that I can reply directly to you. Jerk.

  20. I’ve got another picture to add to the bathroom pic…..I know you do too… that would be a real blackmail pic!!!!!!!

    I love the pink hair, never saw that on you before….it looks pretty!

  21. Seriously, all this and no one has anything to say about Worf and Hakeem Olojuwan doing ballet?

  22. I thought they were fighting.

  23. Ballet, huh? I guess I figured they were doing something other than ballet …

  24. Holy cow, I can’t believe I missed this last week. That hair…I…I…I’ve got nothing. And is that Klingon eating that guy?

    By the way, you shouldn’t have lost the beard…the Grizzly Adams look is coming back.

    BTW, you look scarily familiar…I wonder if our paths crossed at some point during my brief stint in DC…

  25. Beer and Beards, a natural combo !

    Great photos. You are braver than I !!

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