It is easy to be nasty when you are anonymous.

I got a hate comment the other day that was somebody that was offended that I was writing a post all about me. I’m not sure I understand the problem. It’s my blog, isn’t that what I am supposed to be writing about? Then they insulted my hair cut. Sheesh. Of course they didn’t link to anything or leave any e-mail address or even leave a first name. Do you guys leave comments like this alone, or do you delete them? Are you able to just brush it off, or do you end up feeling bad about it all day?

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  1. Personally, if they don’t have the cojones to leave a name and/or email address, then I don’t waste the time or energy pondering what they said. Some people are idiots and hate-mongers and try to pass their hate onto others so they can feel better. Fu** ’em.

    Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong… although that’s highly unlikely.

  2. I would definitely have my feelings hurt too. What a jerk! But then I am really sensitive. Maybe Gabe was playing a joke on you.

  3. I had a hate blogger once… my own sister, of all people! I had a different blog address at the time, but I was so disturbed that I not only deleted the post, but the entire blog, after crying for three days. I’m obviously blogging again (thanks for visiting, btw.) and if I have any advice, it would be similar to kemp’s. Fu** ’em!

  4. Some people have no sense of humor. If they have enough time to read a youor blog and leave nasty comments then they have enough time to go do something positive with their life. For what it’s worth, I thought you were very brave to post those pictures. Remember you have some readers who did NOT know you growing up. I laughed at how we all did the same things throughout our lives. You go girl!

  5. I leave them. And then I look up their IP on SiteMeter and get a pretty good idea of who it is.

    And then I brush it off. Or write about it…because, after all…it’s my blog and it’s all about me so I can do whatever I want!

    The writing about it almost always makes me feel better.

  6. Because, really, what you need instead of a hair cut that parts down the middle is another can of hair spray and a spiral perm with poofy bangs. Sheesh. I LIKE your hair. And your blog. And your funny old photos. Like you said, anyone who doesn’t can go troll someplace else.

    I’ve only had one hateful comment like that myself & I ignored it. Actually, I dwelled on it for a few days, but I didn’t respond in any way electronically, because I didn’t want to give that person the satisfaction of a response.

  7. I’ve been known to delete comments before that annoyed me. But later I always regretted it because it was a knee jerk reaction and I like the free forum where yes even jerk-offs can come in and have a say.
    So it’s rude. People are rude. Some more than others.
    I just disregard them.
    They can pop over to my blog and says something about me being fat if it will make them feel powerful, that should be an easy target.

  8. I would leave them and disregard them. IMO, taking time to insult a blogger’s appearance or blog in general is retarded. If it’s a controversial post and the person is disagreeing passionately, I would address it. Otherwise, I say “Get a life” and move on.

  9. I think it’s the wussy way out to leave a nasty comment and then not leave a name or anything. But I think it’s happening a lot these days. I got my first one last night. I don’t know that I understand it either. It’s like a drive-by hating. Stupid trolls. Don’t let it get you down, these people have no life. Plus it is your personal blog, so you can talk about whatever you want. We all do. And you rock and your hair was great. ANd who doesn’t have picture that may look strange to some people now. Shit, I have a picture of me in a New Kids on the Block t-shirt. But you’re brave, casue I am so not posting that pic.

  10. I am glad you are blogging about yourself. I feel like I get to talk to you every day even though I haven’t seen you in 7 years. I figure this about the hate comments; the type of people who have the time to search out things to hate randomly online are probably the same people that are sucking our tax dollars away with fraudulent “disability” claims. Those people need to get a job.

  11. Is this your first hate comment? I feel like I’m witness to a blog rite of passage.

    The price of popularity, maybe? More traffic brings more nutjobs?

    Great power comes with great responsibility, Spidey. or something.

    Actually I think it’s pretty funny that a commenter who is a complete asshat would scorn something s/he calls a butt-cut. The irony. It’s killing me.

  12. I had one before where someone said rude things about my decorating (in the back of pictures of my kids). But it seemed less personal.

    I also had someone say Ian was fat and ugly (but that was on “Stuff on My Cat”).

  13. I wonder if drive-by haters are really just twelve-year-old boys trying to make each other laugh. I mean, you can’t make prank calls anymore. Maybe anonymous comments are the new “Is your refrigerator running?”

  14. hey, listen. i’m thinking i’m just going to start posting to your blog via the comments section. ‘zat cool? i’m just a dickwad reactionary and i doubt anyone would ever read my own blog more than once, so instead i’m going to troll yours and fill it with garbage that none of your other readers agrees with, just to make you all look uptight and defensive.

    also, my penis is really small. oh. wait. no. i’m a girl. i meant to say i’ve never had an orgasm. okay. byeee!

  15. This post has been removed by the author.

  16. ok wait. that above comment was me. i was kidding. i did NOT leave the comment the other day — i love sarah. i was just making fun of the person who DID leave that comment. sarcasm is just too hard to communicate with a keyboard and obviously i didn’t do it well here. please accept my apologies and please don’t start leaving hate comments on my blog.

  17. Whoops. I got the joke, but not everyone knows you.

    Gabe may have found the culprit.

    We will see.

  18. Sorry about that Laurie. I’m really fast to get Sarah’s back..what can I say??

  19. no worries. i’m kinda new here. sarah’s lucky to have such good friends, though.

  20. The title of the blog is SARAH and the Goon Squad. This is not rocket science people! Judging by the number of comments, you’re famous now. That’s how it goes, people looking to take you out. You are in People magazine this week. They say those aren’t your real babies – they’re actor babies and you pay them to do crazy stuff that you put on your blog – when you’re not too busy blogging all about you! I say “Ignore ’em,” to you, but I’m sure it would make me cry.

  21. Sarah who the hell leaked the fact that we’ve hired actor babies and that in our real lives we’re childless?

  22. Im having trouble defending the haircut

  23. Eff ’em.

    Leave the stupid comment there. Make your own comment in response, making sure to highlight the cowardice of the comment.

  24. Sorta delurking on this one.. I am just pushing myself to comment because your posts rock da house.

    I think I have been foiled about 3 times this week reading your stuff and wanting to comment.. but not being able to because they are such great, tight, comment on their own they require nothin’ further.

    Maybe the demon commenter was driven to rudeness by your perfection?

  25. Thanks everyone (except for Mark, who is about to have a picture of his lovely hair posted).

    Bridgette – I specifically told Roger not to tell anyone about the actor babies. He can’t keep a secret for shit.

  26. I got my first (and only, so far) nasty comment a couple of months ago insinuating that I was somehow prejudiced because I wouldn’t open the door to a stranger selling shrimp at 9:30 at night. I KNEW I had done the right thing in that situation, but it still bothered me several days.

    I posted a reply to the anonymous commenter, but figured they wouldn’t actually come back to read it. I wonder how the people who are “famous” bloggers are able to get past all the trolls. Must have really thick skin.

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