Easily Amused

I just got a hit from someone searching “Who peed in my shoe“.

Did they really think they could find the answer to that question on the internet?

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  1. BWhahahahaha people search the craziest things. Do they think that someone i spying on them and posting all the notes on line?

  2. I confess… It was me. I did it. I couldn’t find a restroom… so I used a shoe.

  3. Where else would one find out who peed in one’s shoe? Really. You can find anything on the internet.

  4. We recently compiled the 12 oddest search terms people were using to find our site. If I were more astute in how to make a link here, I could link to the entry on our blog. But I don’t know how to do it and even if I did, I am taking such heavy doses of cold meds, I probably couldn’t do it anyway!

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