It’s Not About Me

I was talking to Gabe and Mark the other night while I was working on my last post. You know, the meme with the six strange things about me.

Mark thought that one of mine should have been that my brother was a contestant on “Super Sloppy Double Dare“. He won, and he (and his friend) won everything in the bonus round except the grand prize which was a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania. So, no big loss there.

Even though I was in the audience for the taping, I still maintain that it isn’t really about me, so it didn’t qualify for the meme. But it is probably something you didn’t know.

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  1. I agree. If you pulled Mike’s life into your memes, you’d only get half the space. Or less. There are a lot of things your readers don’t know about him.

    It was worth a post, though. The game show story is a good one. What was their team name again? Mike squared or something cute like that.

  2. i was involved in a super sloppy double dare that resulted in me waking up in a strange motel covered in manwhich sloppy joe sauce with an olsen twins poster taped to the ceiling.

    my wallet was gone too!


  3. Wow that is wrong and I am just not sure exactly where.. it’s either the Manwich sauce or the Olsen Twins (lol) …..and I think it is probably the Olsen Twins!

  4. That is the most disturbing photo I have ever seen.

  5. While it is interesting, I think you made the right call. It really isn’t about you. And your list was interesting in spite of the absence.

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