Don’t try to rob my house, I have cat sitters.

The four of us are leaving after Gabe gets home from work. We’re driving to Florida. I know that Cynical Dad says that 286 miles is too far. So I think he pooped a little bit when I told his we were driving over 1000 (1046 to be exact). Don’t panic people, I have a minivan and a DVD player.

Believe it or not the thing I’m the most worried about for this whole trip (the kids and I will be gone for almost three weeks and for two of those weeks Gabe will be home) isn’t the car ride, or The Goon Squad acting like maniacs in public, or sunburn, or even my parents trying to make me crazy on purpose. I am most worried about Klaus. The good news is that he started eating on his own on Sunday night. The good/bad news is that his staples come out on Friday and I am having horrible guilt about not being here for him. I’m scared that he will think we have abandoned him and he’ll stop eating again.

I should hopefully have internet access most of the time I am gone, but I’m guessing I will either be really busy (I have about 30 people who I am supposed to hang out with when I am there and they are in like six different cities) or really bored. My guess is that the first week in Tampa will be insanely busy, then we go to the beach, and since both of my parents will be working I will end up being bored except for the constant stimulation that is trying to stop The Squad from cutting themselves/choking on something/breaking things/getting outside and drowning in the ocean or pool/hurting each other causing me to write run on sentences like this one. I seriously doubt that I will have the balls necessary to take them both down to the beach alone. I mean – sometimes a trip to Target with just the three of us is enough to drive me to drink.

We’re also hitting Hot-lanta on the way back so the twins can hang out with their Uncle and cousin. My brother bought a house about two years ago and I’ve never even seen it. Plus, it was a good way to trick Grandma into driving back to Washington with me. How can she refuse an opportunity to be with both of her children and all three grandchildren at the same time? Especially without the distraction of having to worry about feeding all of us.

Anyway – my point is I think I’ll still be able to post, and I’ll probably end up putting even more pictures on my flickr account (I’ve gone pro). I plan on taking about a bazillion pictures. We’ll be seeing family and friends and there will be a group birthday party for Becky’s and Bridgette’s twins who were all four born on the same day. They have been kind enough to include Ian and Claudia who were born two weeks later. My guess is that there will be a great deal of screaming, but I’m looking forward to it anyway. I miss all my Florida friends and suddenly three weeks doesn’t seem nearly long enough.

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  1. Have a fantabulous time!

  2. Safe travels … see you soon!

  3. A few wishes for your trip:

    may your DVD player not malfunction…

    may the price of gasoline not give you a heart attack every time you gas up…

    may you have plenty of diapers on hand in the car, along with air freshener…

    may the sun be always at your back…

    may your destination always have alcohol on hand when you arrive

    And have a good time. I guess the ol’ sportsblog will have to wait to start-up when you get back…

  4. Oh, and I hope Klaus will be OK.

  5. Maybe right after the draft???

  6. Oh wow. Good luck with it all. Hope the squad is on their best behavior for you and that you don’t go too crazy trying to parent them in unsafe waters. Also, hope Klaus has a lovely quiet vacation with the squad out of his fur for a while. I know Archie (official cat of the Upside Up) would sing a song of mouse joy if zoe and lucy left him alone for 3 weeks.

  7. you can look forward on your return to 5 million beer cans and a half demolished above kitchen cabinet area. I have the whole thing planned out.

  8. Tell your mom & brother “Hi” for me. Have lots of fun. You have braved Florida beaches during spring break, I’m sure you can handle it with your kids. Of course, I’ve never tried to take 2 kids the same age anywhere. Do you think it will seem hot, or are you happy to be getting to the sun? I always love it the first week and am melting by the second. Have lots of fun and best wishes for Klaus.

  9. Please, Please come see me…. I know my city is far away but it is in Florida! Seven wants to see you too!

    I hope Klaus gets some much needed peace and rest and will be back to his ol’ self when you all get back.

    Call when you are here and have a very safe trip!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  11. I’ll come to you… Let me know when & where & I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll even take a day or two off of work…

  12. A portable DVD player! I am so judging you right now. . .

    Just kidding. I hope it helps and the trip is a safe one.

  13. Good luck! You’re braver than I am!

  14. Portable DVD players are truly a gift from above. Many trips have been salvaged and perhaps even a marriage. Good luck and have fun!

  15. I ordered out TELETUBBIES cake today and they are fitting ALL SIX NAMES on it!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I found PlayBoy, Absolutely FREE PlayBoy:
    If I find something else I’ll inform you.
    Best Regards, Yuriy

  17. You are brave. Or crazy 😉 Goodluck and godspeed.

  18. Have a fun trip and post lots of pictures.

    We are heading down there about the time you get back.

  19. How did the spammer get past the word verification? And why did he think this would be a productive blog to spam? Things that make me say, hmmmm.

  20. Hmm, Yuriy, please don’t take porn on road trips for the kids to watch on the DVD. If you want to watch porn after the kids are asleep, that works as sometimes adding spice to a boring trip is fun! BUT only for the grownups, keep your seat belts on and at least one hand on the steering wheel and a set of eyes on the road!

    Sarah, have an uneventful journey, hug everyone in Floriday for me. Hey, go check my friend’s website for travel ideas She’s got some great travel tips, but no porn. Sorry Yuriy.

  21. i’m having sarah-blog withdrawal. hope to see you in ATL soon.

  22. And drinking is bad because….?

    Have a good trip; it is likely not enough time; and stick to only what you will enjoy.

    Get well soon Klaus. You’ll be up and yaking in no time brother. With much love from Filip and Dexter Wo.

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