Now She is Just Making Stuff Up

Lumpyhead’s Mom has invented what she is calling a you-you. She took the meme that is going around where you say six weird things about yourself and assigned me to tell you six strange things about my friends. We discussed this and decided it would be interesting if I told you one thing about each of these six people: Angie, Becky, Bridgette, Erin, Kemp and Tammy.

Angie: Angie is new to blogging, so it should be easy to tell you guys something you don’t know about her. Angie’s first name is Angelia. It was supposed to be Angela. Her Aunt spelled it wrong, and that is how it ended up with the bonus “i” in it on her birth certificate.

Becky: Becky lived in Norway for a year and she was cold the whole time, even in the summer.

Bridgette: I was pretty surprised by the six things that Bridgette picked on her list. I had no idea she had a fear of getting lost. I do know this – the only two times she has eaten sushi in her life are the same as the two times she has gotten pregnant. That is pretty odd.

Erin: Erin is tough. If you read her blog, you most likely already know several strange things about her that she openly admits. Today I will give you this – she owns a fur stole. I believe it is some sort of family heirloom.

Kemp: This is tougher, since I don’t actually know Kemp in real life – but here you go. Kemp posts the lyrics to show tunes on his blog (RENT even), and he is a straight guy.

Tammy: Tammy is a compulsive teeth brusher. Her dentist told her to brush LESS.

Feel free to add your own embarrassing things about these people. I call on Scott to harass Kemp, since he really knows him. Scott, feel free to do six whole things, or just add one really weird thing in the comments. I am easily amused.

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  1. Scott?? Scott who???

    Scott’s… uh, gone… yeah, that’s it… he was… uh… killed? Yeah, that’ll work… killed, in… uh… in a tragic… uh… blimp accident last week…yeah.

    Tragic, absolutely tragic…

  2. Yes… I am straight and I like showtunes… I can’t be the ONLY one like that… right?

  3. Damn. You are WAY better than I am at this. I’ve been thinking about Lumpyhead Mom’s tag all weekend, and I still haven’t given her an answer. I suck.

  4. I don’t know, Kemp. You know Dutch over at Sweet Juniper? He likes Little House on the Prairie and Michael Landon. That’s as close as I can get … trying to help you out here.

  5. Yes. It was my grandmother’s fur stole. It’s still sitting in my closet. I have no idea what to do with it. I promised my Mom I wouldn’t hock it. And while I don’t wear fur, it does figure that they gave THAT family heirloom to me. Because if anyone needs a fur stole…

  6. Ha! This is exactly what I wanted. Escalation, name calling, blimp accidents . . .mutually assured destruction!

    Becky, I’m assuming that the longer it takes, the juicier it will be. Not to put more pressure on you or anything.

    And Tammy, I’m both horrified and strangely curious. How can one brush too much?

  7. Considering I’ve known Sarah for approx. 18 years or so, I could probably add a few things to the fire!!
    Anyone need some juicy high school tidbits? I could probably come up with a few!!!! And maybe even pictures to prove it!

  8. Yes, Lori. Help. [sliding a C-note under the table]

  9. Becky, Ask and you shall recieve!

  10. OK Becky, here ya go. High school, Junior year (89-90), Sarah and I went to a Faster Pussycat concert together. She came RUNNING up to me during the show yelling “I caught a banana” (which I didn’t see happen). I started laughing hysterically and said, “I thought you said you caught a banana”. She said “I DID say I caught a banana!” and yanks the banana out of her inside jacket pocket!!

    Which caused me to laugh even harder!

    Apparently, the lead singer had fruit IN HIS PANTS! Which he yanked out and threw into the audience.

    OH! GOD!! I can’t stop laughing NOW!!!

  11. Which part is more embarrassing, that I had a banana that came out of someone’s pants, or that I paid to go see Faster Pussycat?

  12. I always found it amusing that when I met you, you were dating a guy in a band called ‘Roadkill’. I listen to a lot of bad stuff, but naming your band ‘Roadkill’ cracked me up.

  13. Trouser Fruit? You had Trouser Fruit?

    Did you have to catch the Trouser Fruit? Was it like the bouquet toss at a wedding? Did you have to elbow the person next to you to get it?

    Usually when someone mentions a Pants Banana, I expect something else.

  14. Yikes.

    1) I caught it like the bouquet, but there was no elbowing necessary. It came right to me.

    2) It wasn’ the singer, it was the guitar player. His name is like Brett Muskrat or something.

    3) I just blingo searched Faster Pussycat. His name was Brent Muscat. Mine was funnier.

  15. Isn’t muscat a sweet wine?

    Q: What did you have for dessert?

    A: Tossed Bananas Muscat. (Sounds classier than Trouser Fruit)

  16. Oh wow. I am laughing a lot right now. For Sarah (& Lumpyheads mom), I am trying to think of things that you have not told everyone already. I do have some great pictures so far, but I also need to be careful because I know you have just as many as me.

    As far as the tooth brushing thing is concerned. I am no longer crazy about brushing my teeth. Generally it is 2-3 times a day now. I think I will post about this so it makes sense…

  17. This post has been removed by the author.

  18. Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson … coo-coo-ca-choo, Kemp.

    And, thank you, Lori. That was money well spent. I never could have come up with a story like that. I haven’t even had to call a cab yet for Sarah. Damn kids.

  19. Ok, just to clarify, Kemp is straight. He has a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.

    And I also enjoy Opera and some showtunes. Before anyone asks, I am also straight…and single and looking.

    One thing that I do know about Kemp is that he had what you would call an ‘indiscretion’ with one of his female professors in college. Truth be told, it was after he had completed her class.

    (He has ethics folks, he didn’t do the ‘A’ for a lay thing…although he could have promised her a roll after class was done in exchange for a grade…)

    Let the fun begin, I am sure that this will start a whole new slew of comments…. sorry buddy Sarah called me out…

  20. Should I feel good that I am not strange or badly because I am not srange enough?

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