Vacation Update: Part 2

We have successfully made it to the second leg of our vacation. The Squad and I are in Tampa at Grandma and Grandpa’s house (for those of you that know where they live, feel free to come by and bring me beer). The good news is that here I don’t have to go to the lobby to use the computer. The bad news is that Gabe had to go home and go to work, so I am solo vacation parenting. Fortunately, my Mom has enough toys to keep The Goons and all of your children busy at the same time. I’m not kidding. She has an assload of toys here. The kids have reached nirvana.

My Grandmother’s memorial service was lovely (that is why we were in Ft. Myers). All of her children, grandchildren and eleven of her great-grandchildren (everyone except Zoe) was there. We will miss her.

I would include a vacation photo, but 1) I am a moron and downloaded all of them to my laptop which is not currently connected to the internet. I will try to fix that during nap time. and 2) It is going to have to be a picture of The Squad because out of 174 that were taken in a two day span, I am not in one of them.

Two random thoughts after being away from Florida for two short months:
1) If you live near a Publix (especially one built in the last seven years) do not take it for granted. Publix is wonderful, and all other regular grocery stores pale in comparison. When I moved, I know I would miss my parents, I knew I would miss my friends and I new I would miss the sun, but I did not know I would miss Publix. I know, I am a huge geek, but I spend a lot of time grocery shopping. (Publix can feel free to send me a check at any time).
2) It is fucking hot here.

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  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss Publix and Boar’s Head Deli meat. Our entire grocery store may be about the size of the bakery, and that is being generous. Our food comes in by barge and arrives on Wens so there is a mad rush Wens afternoon for the “fresh” produce. That’s life in Skagway.

  2. The fresh bread alone…

  3. Welcome back! Let’s get babysitters and go to Publix.

  4. Ya know, if you are ever that bad off for publix bread in D.C., you could always call one of us to overnight you something! (Which would make me point and laugh at you but, I’d SO do it!!)

  5. Publix is TRULY the best part of having moved here I swear. Damn the beaches and the kick as weather. I HEART Publix. What is funny is that when we used to vacation here, we thought Publix was the TRASHY grocery around here because there was one near where we camped that was old and torn up.
    Little did we know.
    We love you Publix as well.

  6. wow i feel like i’m in tampa after reading that…good writing sarah. have fun!

  7. i LOVE Publix, i find them to be superior to just about everyother store in the universe.

  8. Publix kicks ass. When we are in Florida we find reasons to go there and smell the bread until we’re kicked out.

    Stupid Canadian Tricks! YAY!

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