“The Joy Luck Club”

It isn’t Sagan or anything, but I hear Amy Tan books are pretty good.

Claudia and I are both up for any reading suggestions you may have.

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  1. We love Amy Tan’s Sagwa on PBS.

  2. Speaking as a purely heterosexual male, The Joy Luck Club is an excellent book.

    Sagan on the other hand, is (in my opinion) vastly overrated.

  3. genius, i tell you

  4. Joy Luck Club is one of my all time favourite. Her book “Kitchen God’s Wife” is equally wonderful.

    Jennifer Weiner books are impossible to put down.

  5. the joy luck club is so good, and the movie is one of my favs too.

  6. Claudia is brilliant! She is obviously reading Tan because it came after Sagan!

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