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Hey, wow. I asked for questions and people actually asked some. For reasons concerning both fairness and laziness I will answer them in the order that they were received.

Lumpyhead’s Mom writes: Why does the third beer taste so much better than the first?
I’m not sure. I’m not sure that is even true. Maybe you should bring some beer over and we’ll do some research.

Mocha Momma wrote a question in five parts. (Can you tell she is a teacher?)
1. When and how did you start blogging?
I didn’t really know what blogs were until I started reading Aliblog. Alison was my very best friend in elementary school. We stayed in touch when I moved away right after 6th grade and I loved reading about what was going on in her life. I had considered starting my own, but I didn’t think I would have enough to say. HA! Then Bridgette, who was my buddy from the twins club began blogging. When Bridgette first set hers up you actually had to be a user to post a comment. I wanted to comment, so I set up a blog. I really didn’t think that I would post more than three or four times. I quickly became addicted.
2. Does it ever worry you to add pictures of yourself? (I think about that one a lot.)
Sometimes, not usually. I’ve always been a pretty open person. My Dad is convinced that someone will try to kill us all or something, but my biggest fear is that an ex-boyfriend will try to contact me or one of Gabe’s ex-girlfriends will start bugging us. Now that I have gotten insulting comments about my appearance I am a little bit more apprehensive, but I figure screw them there are probably people at the grocery store that think my hair is stupid too, and I still go there.
3. What do you like about being mom to twins? What do you hate?
I really like it when you can see their special bond. I loved it when they first came home from the NICU and and they would reach for each other when they were sleeping. I love it when they dance together, and when I can hear them in their room laughing while they are supposed to be asleep. I like the special bond I have with other parents of twins. I like it that I got two kids and I never have to be pregnant again.
I really hate it when people suggest that having twins is the “easy way” to have babies. Clearly they are either deranged or stupid. I hated the first three months. I wish I had more time with them individually.
4. Who does your awesome blog look and where did you come up with the “That’s right. You heard me.” thing? (It’s so damn funny. I laugh every single time!)
The Kaiser designed my header and Karen Rani over at Troll Baby Graphics designed the rest of the template.
The “That’s right. You heard me.” Is just something I say when I am in a bad mood, or trying to boss people around.
5. How did you get your hair to DO that in the 80s? I loved the bangs.
Aqua Net. Lots and lots of Aqua Net. The kind in the white can with the pink.

Christoph wanted to know:
Here’s a Q but I don’t know how FA it is: How long does it take you to fix some dang sandwiches?
About 5 minutes.
How many takes were needed to sing the backup vocals on the infamous Iced Earth song?
A lot. They were very intricate harmonies, and I was the only person in the studio who could actually read music, so nobody could put it down on paper. I probably spent two hours in the booth for what ended up being about less than a minute of album time. The song is called “Burnt Offerings” on the album of the same name if anyone cares to hear it.

Now I have a question for you. Is my page loading too slow. Should I ditch the laser eyes? It saddens me, but sometimes I just get a blue screen when I try to open up my blog.

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  1. No problems loading here. But we’ve got the cable thingy and the orignal gif is on my harddrive. Does that matter?

  2. No loading problems here either. If it works in Ohio…

  3. Sometimes I get nothing. But I figure it’s just blogger sucking it. I LOVE the laser eyes.

    Oh, here’s a question for you. Why is there a handicap sign by the word verification? Has it always been there and I’m just now noticing? Is it there just this one time? Am I hallucinating?

  4. 1) I just saw the handicapped sign on Mo-Wo’s blog too, I don’t know WTF it is.

    2) I forgot to tell you all that another one of my favorite parts of having twins is not having to be involved in “Ring Around the Rosie” anymore. I get too dizzy.

  5. Okay. The wheelchair will read out loud what you have typed.

  6. sarah – sometimes your blog is blue and says “error” in my bottom toolbar. i always thought it did that when you were posting or something.

  7. Wow… no one asks me questions…

  8. I got a blue screen today too and breathed a huge sigh of relief when it finally loaded right. Now I have to try out the handicapped thingiemabob.

    um yeah it read random numbers to me and I feel like I’m in the bunker on Lost and now I have to memorize them. Dammit, I suffer from CRS.

  9. Here’s a question for you, Kemp. What is the significance of this holiday today in Norway (besides kicking off the Month of 100 Holidays) and much of Europe?

  10. I have a question. (all other bloggers can reply too).

    Well, I’m considering blogging now that I’m graduating – it seems like it would be kinda fun – but I have NO idea what I would say on a regular basis. I don’t have children so, no good kid stories from me.

    Sarah, you know me well enough. Is this something I would enjoy and could do?

  11. You cannot get rid of the laser eyes.

  12. Your page is slower to load than other blogs I read, but not too slow (and worth the wait).

    Love you answers about having twins. I would echo everything you said.

  13. I read you on high speed connections with no problems and love the laser eyes.

    Let us know when you are ready for more questions.

  14. I have no problems with the loading time either. But 5 minutes? I can’t wait that long. How many takes does it take sing a lullaby?

  15. Send any further questions to

    Only one take on lullabys.

  16. I don’t get the handicap/reading out loud thing. For me, it reads numbers, not letters. And it’s not like they’re numbers that correspond with the letters.

    Besides. Isn’t that about as useful as putting Braille on a drive-up ATM?

  17. Lori,
    I know you, I’d read your blog!

  18. Well it’s a relief to read your blog is slow. I was concerned that I was slow. Phew!

  19. The laser eyes only just started working for me in the last few days. Before that, I got the “done but with error on page message” and didn’t see the animation (but still saw the image). I don’t know why they’re working now but they weren’t before. It’s not too slow, though.

  20. Sarah my dear.

    First, let me say that at least an hour has passed since I left comments on my own blog telling folks I’d be working on a paper WHICH I ALREADY DID.

    Here is where I came first!

    I’m so glad, too, because I’d been waiting to see *the answers* – thanks for doing it! It was awfully funny to read.

    Also..? I’m stealing that phrase I asked you about. And I’m going to use it just like you do.

    Also…? Those assholes can suck it because I’ve SEEN you with the big 80s hair and now…and you are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

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