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Mo-Wo and P-Man are looking for a boys name for their upcoming son (can you even use the word upcoming that way?). I thought I would help them out with some recommendations. For your non garden variety boy names I need look no further than the first two rounds of last weekend’s NFL Draft.

From Round 1:

From Round 2:

Those are just a few. While I really like D’Brickashaw and D’Qwell, I will also suggest Darrent from last year’s draft or Dontarrious from 2004. I guess I just like names that start with “D”.

I do what I can for my blog buddies. If any of you need more boy naming advice, please contact me on June 30th after the completion of the NBA Draft.

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  1. D’Brickashaw.


  2. It works on so many levels.

  3. D’Brickashaw & D’qwell are my favorites too!

    Let’s see, last year I have:

    Previosly I had these students:

    Why I can’t I remember the other good ones right now?

  4. LeCharles is always a favorite.

    Also Atari. But Atari isn’t as good without the Bigby.

  5. When I worked at an Atlanta elementary school in 1999, Dontarrious was a VERY popular name for little boys.

  6. Don’t get me started on names. This is in my top five rants. Yesterday I was at Panara Bread (mmm asiago cheese bagel) and there was a girl there who’s name tag read “MissC” I could only assume this was to be pronounced Missy. I thought about sending her through the bagel slicer for the good of humanity.

  7. Any name that starts with D AND an apostrophe just rocks.

    It’s close for me but D’Brickshaw gets my vote.

  8. I say bring back old school names.
    Like Hammurabi, or Xerxes.
    What about Ramses?

  9. For years I have foolishly followed (mmm, assholes alliterating) the NHL draft in search of highly athletic names. The resulting list is something like Sergei, Dmitri, Sidney, Sergei, Sergei, Artem, and Boris. All good names, but none as resonant as Sinorica. Taitusi. D’Qwell. Thanks for the love.

  10. D’Brickashaw is my favorite. Please please please choose that one.

  11. Britt – that’s awesome – in the school I was at last year we had Ontarious, Jontarious & Montarious. None were related!

  12. Dude, you stole my bit for a pending Draft Day Suit post. However, this is a WAY better usage of the names than anything I had in mind.

    Seriously…D’Qwell? Isn’t that a cold medicine for the day?

  13. My people use “Hyman” and “Schmuel”. I feel I have no place to quibble about names.

    Incidentally my mother was surprised when she was told Herschel Walker was not a Sephardic Jew.

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