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The following is my contribution to Kara’s (over at Cape Buffalo) Mother’s Day “bloggect”. Thanks for asking me Kara. I feel like I’m in good company.

I know that both of my kids understand that they can get whatever they want form their Grandparents, but for the past couple of days Ian has been killing me.

When he wakes up in the middle of the night he asks for Grandma.

When he woke up from his nap today he sobbed because my mom was at work and he wanted her, not me.

What about Mommy? Aren’t children supposed to want their own mothers? We have only been in Florida for a little over a week and I think Ian has forgotten who feeds him and bathes him and nursed him and still gets up every night to bring him something to drink*. I’m the one who spent 41 days in the hospital.

But in a way I completely understand. When I am sick she is the same person I want to comfort me. My Mom is the best at making you feel better, especially when you need someone to feel sorry for you.

My Mom works three days a week, but for the first year and a half of my childrens lives (the whole time they lived in Florida) my Mom spent the other two week days at our house helping me with The Goon Squad, helping me do laundry, helping me get the dishes done, watching the twins when I had doctors appointments and really anything else I needed.

Gabe and I both feel like we could not have been luckier when it comes to parents. If we can provide Ian and Claudia with half of the advantages that our parents have given us I will feel like we have done a good job. They also might be the four best grandparents in the world.

But I digress. When I originally started writing this post it was because it hurt my feelings that Ian wanted to go to his Grandmother, but then I thought about it. Of course he wants to go to her. She had the best Grandmother training in the world. My Grandma was her mom.

We’ll all miss you Grandma.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, Letha – the best Mother-in-Law out there.

Happy Mother’s Day to me. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

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* Okay, except for the nursing part, Gabe does that too. And all of his grandparents bathe him and feed him. But you know what I mean.

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  1. that’s so sweet and touching. i agree – your parents are amazing parents and grandparents…they tie for best :) hehe. you know what? today zoe was even asking for your mom…she is one popular woman!

  2. dammit. now I want MY grandmother.
    That was so sweet. Thank you for sharing that with us!

  3. Awesome. This is the sweetest thing I’ve read recently.

    I want your Mom too! :)

    (I was also a polisci major so my grammar sucks too)

  4. Yeah, my kids prefer my mom, too. How could they not? Life RULES with grandma. Mom makes us eat vegetables and pick up our toys. Hahaha!! Nice post.

  5. What a loving tribute to your mom.

  6. I’ll add another “hear, hear” to the glory of grandmothers AND a big “hear, hear” to the Carol tribute. She’s still one of my favorite moms too.

  7. Awesome tribute. I especially liked the part “Happy Mother’s’ Day to me. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be.” I whole heartedly agree with that.

  8. That was great! My daughter regularly calls for Gramma when there is a storm. I always feel bad telling her that she is a couple of hours away.

  9. Beautiful post….there are days when I am not certain whether I more miss my mom (she died when I was in college), or if I miss that my kids don’t have her as a grandma. Both relationships are so compelling for me. Your post reminded me and many others of the gift that moms/grandmas can be.

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