Randomness Part 34

As for my only question that has actually been frequently asked (when I saw frequently, in this case I mean more than two times) those of you who have more questions can just e-mail them to satgs@cox.net and I will answer those too.

One time Gabe told me that he thought referring to your spouse as “the Hubster” was grounds for divorce. Are there any terms of affection that piss you off that much?

This is why I am rolling my eyes today. (broken link to story about Brett Favre)

Speaking of football (if you didn’t know I was speaking of football, you didn’t click on the last link) has everyone gone to check out Draft Day Suit yet?

The Goon Squad, my Mom and I will spend Monday driving 10 hours (at best) from Atlanta to Northern Virginia so I won’t be posting tomorrow. Instead, I will leave you with some more searches that ended up here:

wendy bob builder nude

picture of hernias

embarrassing ballet pictures

pepsi dadada

butthole problems

Chris Simms pregnant

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  1. “My old lady”
    I HATE that reference. HATEHATEHATE!
    Matt would never call me that, if he knows whats best for him!

  2. pepsi dadada.

    bob hates it when i call him that.

    (hope you have a safe and easy drive tomorrow.)

  3. I agree with Gabe. Hubster, Hubbers, Hubby. Hate em all. In fact any abbreviations ending in that cutesie “ie” sound do, like celly for cell phone or prezzies for presents. That last one makes my skin crawl.

  4. Chris Simms is pregnant? There goes your season.

    or do you think the searcher meant Chris Simms expecting?

  5. Ewww. The toes. I need to go scratch out my eyeballs now.

  6. butthole problems? WTH kinda blog do they think you have?!?!

    Good luck on the drive…don’t envy you…LOL

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