Grosser Than Gross

What is more frustrating than driving 10 hours with two two year olds?

Driving 10 hours with two barfing two year olds. Two barfing two year olds with diarrhea? Awesome.

As a bonus I am now barfing too.

Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. Sick babies can sleep all day (you know, if they aren’t throwing up) and sleeping babies are more pleasant than awake ones on a car trip. All parents will acknowledge this as true. There is way less screaming that way.

My Mom is here helping out with the twins right now, but she leaves at 1:30. I’m not used to throwing up with an audience, but I’m guessing that I’ll get comfortable with it this afternoon. Wish us luck.

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  1. Welcome back….and poor you.

  2. Sorry! Isn’t it good to be home though? Maybe? Kinda?
    Feel better right NOW! I demand it!

  3. No throwing up with an audience? College years? Fess up!

  4. Liar! I’ve seen you puke in your bed… least into a garbage bag on your bed!

    Glad you made it home safe….hope you all get better!

    my word: ikyag ….. sounds about right for the topic!

  5. sarah i am so sorry that we got you sick. it’s awful. hope you don’t get into the ER. i am also really sorry that i scared claudia. feel better. have some ginger ale.

  6. Michelle says:

    ugg. hope you all feel better. g had the throwing up for a day then it totally cleared up in 24 hours. Hopefully your kids will be over it soon. Miss you already, it was fun having you here again.

  7. O..M…F…G


    Been there(not 10 hours, but 5 hours with two barfing 4 y/os…but still, I feel for ya)

  8. sounds like it’s time to invest in a baby bubble (with a convenient spout to drain barf and diarrhea every 6-12 hours). good luck!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh Poor thing !!! I have been there several times , but never on the road !!
    I feel for you.


  10. Wow! I am so sorry.

    Your post is making me quite fearful of my 10 hour drive (alone) with my two girls in 10 days.

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