Photographic Proof of My Immaturity

I took this picture with my cell phone at a gas station in Georgia on Saturday.

I thought it was so funny that I made my Mom come around the car (with the kids, it’s okay they can’t read yet) to see it. Then I immediately sent the picture to Gabe.

Who would write something like that on a gas pump? What is your target audience?

I took another picture at the same gas station, but I took this picture in the restroom. Can anybody explain this one to me?

1) Isn’t “lyfe” normally spelled “L-I-F-E”?
2) Aren’t all of your cousins your cousins for life? I guess maybe not if they are cousins by marriage, but still…
3) Is it just me, or do you guys think that it is either Rachel or Claire that love penis?

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  1. Probably both of them love penis “for lyfe!!”

  2. No, b/c then they’d have said they love penys…

    People are strange. I stopped trying to figure them out years ago.

  3. Those are very funny! Somehow I don’t think these are the WWC pictures you mentioned, though. I suppose they could be for Challenge – as in Mentally Challenged. 😉

  4. And do I quallify as a “Parent of Twins” since my girls are “Irish Twins” (less than one year apart – by 90 minutes)? 😉 Probably not quite the same.

  5. Look out Odd Mix… those are fighting words. I hope no parents of twins under the age of six months heard you say that. They might be flying to Orlando to punch you out as we speak.

  6. At least ‘I love penis’ and ‘…cousins for lyfe’ are a interesting change from ‘Jack woz ere’ that i see in nearly every toilet cubicle i go in…’

  7. I take it, then, that this Jack fellow gets around.

  8. I laughed so hard at the Cousins thing I needed to stop and breathe.

  9. apparently, I am the target audience becuase i’m laughing my butt off.

    one day i’ll grow up.

  10. Odd Mix ~ Only a parent NOT of twins would say that. Offer to take care of infant twins for a weekend. Alone. Then get back to us on that Irish twins thing.

  11. Michelle says:

    oh you have to love great graffiti like that! In Vancouver, BC we saw “F*!@ all y’all”. I will always remember that poignant statement!

  12. Is “cousins” some new fangled term for homie?

  13. I think that since the Romans enslaved and bred with most of western europe……..aren’t all of us cousins?
    Cousins who like penis?

  14. This is why I have a weekly photo unrelated to my daughter. It is a great excuse to take pictures of things like that.

  15. I know in NYC almost every single pay phone has “Worship God” scratched onto the metal plate in the front of the phone.

    Do you think “I heart Penis” is written on gas pumps all over Georgia?

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