All’s Well That Ends Well

I’ve been e-mailing my Aunt Marily a lot in the last couple of days to get all of our stuff together for The National Race for the Cure that is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Only a few family members actually read my blog on a regular basis (that I know of anyway) so Aunt Marily had never seen my page before. She commented that she “particularly liked the drywall video“.

Then it occurred to me that several of you still may be wondering what became of my kitchen after Rob defiled it.

I am pleased to report that my kitchen looks great. Gabe saved the day. We don’t have much up there yet but we do know which wine racks we want.

This picture on your left was where Rob hits the cabinet with a hammer in the video. (that is just for reference)

So in short, although on first viewing, the movie scared the crap out of me, my kitchen looks even better than before.

(Sorry about all the links to the same thing. I couldn’t help myself)

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  1. It does look nice. It must have sucked doing the repairs with a hangover – or did he wait a couple of days?

  2. OOOOoooo, Pretty! Those people (drunk or sober) are now allowed back in my kitchen – just as long as they make mine that pretty. And Gabe is welcome anytime, especially if hes cooking!

  3. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet

  4. i never commented on this but meant to. what a great kitchen. having just renovated ours, i can appreciate all that freakin cabinet space holy cow. and i love the white on white. what’s the floor look like? also, i hope that bottle of smoking loon is long gone.


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